Football clubs similar to or like 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig

German football club based in the city of Leipzig in Saxony and may be more familiar to many of the country's football fans as the historic side VfB Leipzig, the first national champion of Germany. Wikipedia

  • SSV Markranstädt

    German association football club from the city of Markranstädt, Saxony near Leipzig. Part of a larger sports club that also has departments for badminton, cycle ball, gymnastics, table tennis, and volleyball. Wikipedia

  • BSG Chemie Leipzig (1950)

    German football club from the Leutzsch district of Leipzig, Saxony. Rooted in the establishment of Britannia Leipzig in 1899 and its successor TuRa Leipzig. Wikipedia

  • RB Leipzig

    German professional football club based in Leipzig, Saxony. Founded in 2009 by the initiative of the company Red Bull GmbH, which purchased the playing rights of fifth-tier side SSV Markranstädt with the intent of advancing the new club to the top-flight Bundesliga within eight years. Wikipedia

  • FC Sachsen Leipzig

    German football club from the Leutzsch district of Leipzig, Saxony. The club continued the traditions of BSG Chemie Leipzig. Wikipedia

  • Leipzig

    Most populous city in the German state of Saxony. Germany's eighth most populous city as well as the second most populous city in the area of former East Germany after (East) Berlin. Wikipedia

  • BSG Chemie Leipzig (1997)

    German football club from the Leutzsch district of Leipzig, Saxony. It continues the traditions of the original club of the same name and its successor FC Sachsen Leipzig. Wikipedia


    Sentences for1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig

    • The introduction of RB Leipzig was met with protests from supporters of other Leipzig football clubs, notably 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig and FC Sachsen Leipzig.RB Leipzig-Wikipedia
    • However, Magdeburg did not finish the season without a title, as they won their fourth FDGB-Pokal title with a 3–2 against 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig.1. FC Magdeburg-Wikipedia
    • Chemie was dissolved in September 1954 when its players were assigned to SC Lokomotive Leipzig (not to be confused with 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig).BSG Chemie Leipzig (1950)-Wikipedia
    • The fan tournament had been visited by numerous teams, including teams from FC St. Pauli and 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig.Berliner FC Dynamo-Wikipedia
    • Ajax won the competition, beating Lokomotive Leipzig 1–0 as Bergkamp made an appearance as a substitute.Dennis Bergkamp-Wikipedia
    • Politehnica skipped the first round, and lost to Leipzig with 2–0 and 0–5.FC Politehnica Timișoara-Wikipedia

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