Civilian attacks similar to or like 1985 Narita International Airport bombing

A bomb hidden in a suitcase transiting through New Tokyo International Airport exploded at 06:19 (UTC) 23 June 1985 in a baggage handling room, killing two baggage handlers and injuring another four. Wikipedia

  • Narita International Airport

    International airport serving the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. Located approximately 60 km east of central Tokyo in Narita, Chiba. Wikipedia

  • FedEx Express Flight 80

    Scheduled cargo flight from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the People's Republic of China, to Narita International Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture , Japan. On March 23, 2009, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (N526FE) operating the flight crashed at 6:48 am JST (21:48 UTC, March 22), while attempting a landing on Runway 34L in gusty wind conditions. Wikipedia

  • List of busiest airports in Asia, ranked by total passengers per year, which includes arrival, departure and transit passengers. Beijing Capital International Airport has been the busiest airport in Asia since 2009. Wikipedia

  • Transport in Greater Tokyo

    The transport network in Greater Tokyo includes public and private rail and highway networks; airports for international, domestic, and general aviation; buses; motorcycle delivery services, walking, bicycling, and commercial shipping. In the central part of Tokyo, every part of the Greater Tokyo Area has rail or road transport services. Wikipedia

  • Greater Tokyo Area

    Most populous metropolitan area in the world, consisting of the Kantō region of Japan as well as the prefecture of Yamanashi of the neighboring Chūbu region. Referred to by various terms, one of the most common being Capital Region . Wikipedia

  • Many cities are served by more than one airport, typically to avoid congestion, and where there may be factors preventing expansion of existing airports. In other cities, multiple airports may be built to cater for different uses, such as international and domestic flights. Wikipedia

  • Haneda Airport

    One of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area, and is the primary base of Japan's two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines (Terminal 1) and All Nippon Airways (Terminal 2), as well as Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air, and StarFlyer. Located in Ōta, Tokyo, 15 km south of Tokyo Station. Wikipedia

  • Tokyo

    De facto capital and most populous prefecture of Japan. Located at the head of Tokyo Bay, the prefecture forms part of the Kantō region on the central Pacific coast of Japan’s main island of Honshu. Wikipedia

  • Sanrizuka Struggle

    The Sanrizuka Struggle (三里塚闘争, Sanrizuka tōsō) refers to a civil conflict involving the Japanese government and the agricultural community of Sanrizuka, comprising organised opposition by farmers, local residents, and leftist groups to the construction of Narita International Airport (then New Tokyo International Airport). The struggle stemmed from the government's decision to construct the airport in Sanrizuka without the involvement or consent of most area residents. Wikipedia

  • IATA airport code

    IATA location identifier, IATA station code, or simply a location identifier, is a three-letter geocode designating many airports and metropolitan areas around the world, defined by the International Air Transport Association . Example of a way these codes are used. Wikipedia

  • Airport Transport Service

    Airport bus operator in the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. Based at the Tokyo City Air Terminal in Chūō, Tokyo. Wikipedia

  • Canadian Airlines

    Canadian airline that operated from 1987 until 2001. Canada's second largest airline after Air Canada, carrying more than 11.9 million passengers to over 160 destinations in 17 countries on five continents at its height in 1996. Wikipedia

  • JALways

    International airline registered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, with its headquarters and its main hub at Narita International Airport. The airline had a secondary hub at Osaka's Kansai International Airport. Wikipedia

  • Pan Am Flight 830

    Flight from Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan to Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii. En route to Hawaii when the airplane was damaged by a bomb that had been placed on board. Wikipedia

  • The 2012 Baghdad police academy bombing occurred on 19 February 2012 when a suicide bomber targeted police recruits in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 19 and injuring 26 others. Fortified compound with security barriers. Wikipedia

  • List of international airports by country. They put airports which are typically equipped with customs and immigration facilities to handle international flights to and from other nations. Wikipedia

  • Montréal–Mirabel International Airport

    Cargo and former international passenger airport in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada, 21 NM northwest of Montreal. It opened on October 4, 1975, and the last commercial passenger flight took off on October 31, 2004. Wikipedia

  • Timeline of incidents in 1985 that have been labeled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces . 26 may. Wikipedia

  • Note for consistency, the Airports Council International's (ACI) annual figures are always used in the final presentation and ranking, even where figures given by airport operators or authorities differ. The world's thirty busiest airports by cargo traffic for various periods (data provided by Airports Council International). Wikipedia

  • Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

    Principal aviation gateway of the City and County of Honolulu on Oahu in the State of Hawaii. Named after U.S. Senator and Medal of Honor recipient Daniel K. Inouye, who represented Hawaii from 1963 until his death in 2012. Wikipedia

  • Jinnah International Airport

    Islamic Republic of Pakistan's busiest international and domestic airport, and handled 7,267,582 passengers in 2017-2018. Named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Wikipedia

  • Philippine Airlines Flight 434

    Flight on December 11, 1994 from Cebu to Tokyo on a Boeing 747-283B that was seriously damaged by a bomb, killing one passenger and damaging vital control systems. Test run of the unsuccessful Bojinka terrorist attacks. Wikipedia

  • Note for consistency, the Airports Council International's (ACI) annual figures are always used in the final presentation and ranking, even where figures given by airport operators or authorities differ. The world's busiest airports by passenger traffic are measured by total passengers (data from Airports Council International), defined as passengers enplaned plus passengers deplaned plus direct-transit passengers. Wikipedia

  • Northwest Airlines Flight 85

    Scheduled international passenger flight from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in the United States to Narita International Airport in Japan. Over the Bering Sea. Wikipedia

  • Narita Airport Terminal 2 Shuttle System

    Automated people mover used in Narita International Airport, Narita, Chiba Japan. The system operated between December 6, 1992 and 2013. Wikipedia

  • Bayshore Route

    70 km stretch of toll highway in Greater Tokyo, that runs from Yokohama city, Kanazawa ward, to Ichikawa city of Chiba Prefecture. Important route that runs between artificial islands of Tokyo Bay by way of bridges and sub-sea tunnels, bypassing Tokyo entirely. Wikipedia

  • Kawasaki, Kanagawa

    City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, one of the main cities of Greater Tokyo Area and Keihin Industrial Area. 8th most populated city in Japan . Wikipedia

  • Los Angeles International Airport

    Primary international airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area. Located in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, 18 mi southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, with the commercial and residential areas of Westchester to the north, the city of El Segundo to the south and the city of Inglewood to the east. Wikipedia

  • Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing

    The Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing occurred on 13 February 1978, when a bomb exploded outside the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The site of the first Commonwealth Heads of Government Regional Meeting , a regional offshoot of the biennial meetings of the heads of government from across the Commonwealth of Nations. Wikipedia

  • Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 402

    On March 4, 1966, Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 402 (CP402) struck the approach lights and a seawall during a night landing attempt in poor visibility at Tokyo International Airport in Japan. Of the 62 passengers and 10 crew, only 8 passengers survived. Wikipedia


Sentences for1985 Narita International Airport bombing

  • The bombing of this flight coincided with the Narita Airport bombing.Air India Flight 182-Wikipedia
  • Parmar and Inderjit Singh Reyat were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on explosive charges, linking the two to the Air India Flight 182 bombing and 1985 Narita International Airport bombing.Babbar Khalsa-Wikipedia
  • The crash occurred within an hour of the fatal Narita Airport Bombing which also originated from Canada without the passenger for the bag that exploded on the ground.History of terrorism-Wikipedia
  • Its target was Air India Flight 301, due to leave with 177 passengers and crew bound for Bangkok-Don Mueang, but 55 minutes before the Flight 182 bombing, it exploded at the terminal in Narita International Airport.Air India Flight 182-Wikipedia
  • Meanwhile, sometime before 20:22 UTC (1:22 p.m. PDT), L. Singh (also never identified) checked in for the 1:37 p.m. CP Air Flight 003 to Tokyo with one piece of luggage, which was to be transferred to Air India Flight 301 to Bangkok.Air India Flight 182-Wikipedia
  • It was active throughout the 1980s in the Punjab insurgency and gained international notoriety for killing 329 civilians (mostly Canadians) in Air India Flight 182 and for the 1985 Narita International Airport bombing.Babbar Khalsa-Wikipedia

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