Hurricane seasons similar to or like 2007 Atlantic hurricane season

Slightly above-average Atlantic hurricane season, featuring many weak and short-lived storms. Wikipedia

  • 2012 Atlantic hurricane season

    The final year in a consecutive string of three very active seasons, although many of the storms were weak and short-lived. Tied with 1887, 1995, 2010, and 2011 for the fourth-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record, with 19 tropical storms. Wikipedia

  • 2013 Atlantic hurricane season

    Well below average Atlantic hurricane season and the first since 1994 with no major hurricanes. Well below average for both hurricanes and major hurricanes but it was a slightly above average for named storms. Wikipedia

  • Tropical cyclones in 2007

    During 2007, tropical cyclones formed within seven different tropical cyclone basins, located within various parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. During the year, a total of 129 systems formed with 79 of these developing further and were named by the responsible warning centre. Wikipedia

  • 2019 Atlantic hurricane season

    The fourth consecutive above-average and damaging season dating back to 2016. Tied with 1969 as the fifth-most active Atlantic hurricane season on record in terms of named storms, with 18 named storms and 20 tropical cyclones in total. Wikipedia

  • 2009 Atlantic hurricane season

    Below-average Atlantic hurricane season that produced eleven tropical cyclones, nine named storms, three hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. It officially began on June 1 and ended on November 30, dates that conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones develop in the Atlantic basin. Wikipedia

  • 2003 Atlantic hurricane season

    Extremely active Atlantic hurricane season with tropical activity before and after the official bounds of the season—the first such occurrence since the 1954 season. The season produced 21 tropical cyclones, of which 16 developed into named storms; seven cyclones attained hurricane status, of which three reached major hurricane status. Wikipedia


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