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Nepal conducted a widespread national census in 2011 by the Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics. Wikipedia

  • Widespread national census conducted by the Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics. Working with Nepal's Village Development Committees at a district level, Wikipedia

  • Conducted by the Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics. 23,151,423. Wikipedia

  • 2021 Nepal census

    12th nationwide census that will be conducted by Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics from 2021 June 8th to 22nd in Nepal. Central Bureau of Statistics Wikipedia

  • Central agency for the collection, consolidation, processing, analysis, publication and dissemination of statistics in Nepal. To research and publish censuses of Nepal, the most prominent one being the overall population census and Demographics of Nepal. Wikipedia

  • National investigation agency of Nepal which is run under Nepal Police. Sometimes referred as Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police. Wikipedia

  • Biratnagar

    Metropolitan city in Nepal, which serves as the capital city of Province No. 1. Largest city in the province and also serves as the headquarters of Morang district. Wikipedia


    Sentences for2011 Nepal census

    • The population ranking of 125 Nepali castes/ethnic groups as per the 2011 Nepal census.Nepalis-Wikipedia
    • At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 226,728 in 54,748 individual households.Lalitpur, Nepal-Wikipedia
    • According to the 2011 Nepal census there are total 88 languages spoken in Gandaki Pradesh.Gandaki Province-Wikipedia
    • At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Morang District had a population of 965,370.Morang District-Wikipedia
    • At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Chitwan District had a population of 579,984.Chitwan District-Wikipedia
    • Total population of Province No. 1 (according to 2011 Nepal census) is 4,543,943 in which female comprises 52% (2,368,407) of the total population.Province No. 1-Wikipedia

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