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The 2015 Chicago aldermanic elections happened on February 24, 2015, to elect the 50 Aldermen that represent Chicago in the City Council. Wikipedia

  • The 2019 Chicago aldermanic election took place in two rounds on February 26 and April 2, 2019 to elect 50 aldermen to the Chicago City Council. Each alderman represents one of Chicago's 50 wards. Wikipedia

  • 2015 Chicago mayoral election

    An election took place on February 24, 2015, to elect the mayor of Chicago. Non-partisan and no candidate received a majority. Wikipedia

  • List of Chicago aldermen since 1923

    The Chicago City Council assumed its modern form on April 16, 1923, with fifty wards each electing one alderman. List of the people who have served as an alderman since that time. Wikipedia

  • 2019 Chicago mayoral election

    The 2019 edition of the quadrennial elections held to determine the Mayor of the City of Chicago, Illinois. Held on February 26, 2019. Wikipedia

  • 2011 Chicago mayoral election

    The city of Chicago, Illinois held a nonpartisan mayoral election on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. Incumbent Mayor Richard M. Daley, a member of the Democratic Party who had been in office since 1989, did not seek a seventh term as mayor. Wikipedia

  • 2019 Chicago elections

    The 2019 Chicago elections took place in two rounds on February 26, 2019, and April 2, 2019. Elections were held for Mayor of Chicago, City Clerk of Chicago, City Treasurer of Chicago, and all 50 members of the Chicago City Council. Wikipedia


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