Programming languages similar to or like AMOS (programming language)

Dialect of the BASIC programming language implemented on the Amiga computer. Wikipedia

  • BASIC interpreter

    Interpreter that enables users to enter and run programs in the BASIC language and was, for the first part of the microcomputer era, the default application that computers would launch. Users were expected to use the BASIC interpreter to type in programs or to load programs from storage (initially cassette tapes than floppy disks). Wikipedia

  • Dialect of the BASIC programming language for the Atari ST personal computer. Designed for creating games, but the set of high-level graphics and sound commands it offers is suitable for developing multimedia software without knowledge of the internals of the Atari ST. Wikipedia

  • AmigaBASIC

    Interpreted BASIC programming language implementation for the Amiga, designed and written by Microsoft. AmigaBASIC shipped with AmigaOS versions 1.1 to 1.3. Wikipedia

  • Alphabetical list of BASIC dialects — interpreted and compiled variants of the BASIC programming language. Each dialect's platform(s), i.e., the computer models and operating systems, are given in parentheses along with any other significant information. Wikipedia

  • Record of historically important programming languages, by decade. History of computing hardware Wikipedia


    Dialect of the BASIC programming language, by Frank Ostrowski. Derived from the company , which distributed the software. Wikipedia


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