Broadcasting networks similar to or like AVROTROS

Dutch radio and television broadcaster that is part of the Dutch public broadcasting system. Wikipedia

  • Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (organization)

    Dutch public broadcasting organisation that administers public broadcasting services in the Netherlands. Also the owner of the radio-spectrum licence and public DVB-T and DAB+ frequencies. Wikipedia

  • Dutch public broadcasting system

    Set of organizations that together take care of public service television and radio broadcasting in the Netherlands. Composed of a foundation called Nederlandse Publieke Omroep , which acts as its governing body, and a number of public broadcasters. Wikipedia

  • NPO 3FM

    Dutch rhythmic CHR radio station controlled by public broadcaster NPO. The vast majority of the songs played on-air are rock, alternative, indie and pop, though dance and top 40 tracks may also air at times. Wikipedia

  • Broadcasting association which produces radio and television programmes within the framework of the Dutch public broadcasting system NPO. Founded on 16 February 2009 as a right-wing conservative counterweight to a perceived leftist bias in Dutch public broadcasting, and its first programme was transmitted on 6 September 2010. Wikipedia

  • TROS

    Dutch television and radio organisation part of the Dutch public broadcasting system. Particularly well known for its entertainment programmes, quizzes and focus on Dutch folk music in programmes like "Tros Muziekfeest op het Plein" and the digital channel "TROS Sterren TV". Wikipedia

  • Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light

    Live television programme, organised by the European Broadcasting Union and produced by the Dutch broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS. Planned to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAVROTROS

    • Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light was a live television programme held on 16 May 2020, organised by the EBU and produced by the Dutch broadcasters NOS, NPO and AVROTROS.Eurovision Song Contest-Wikipedia
    • On 7 September 2014, AVRO were merged with its fellow broadcaster TROS to create one company known as AVROTROS.AVRO-Wikipedia
    • EénVandaag is produced by independent pillar broadcasters (AVROTROS) while Nieuwsuur is co-produced by NOS and the NTR.BVN-Wikipedia
    • The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 would have been a co-production between three related Dutch television organisations — Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO), Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS) and AVROTROS — of which each assumed a different role.Eurovision Song Contest 2020-Wikipedia
    • The original format is produced in the Netherlands by FTV Productions B.V. and broadcast on NPO1 by public broadcaster AVROTROS (formerly TROS).The Best Singers (series)-Wikipedia
    • On 24 February 2017, The Night Manager started to air in the Netherlands on public broadcaster NPO 1, being broadcast by AVROTROS.The Night Manager (TV series)-Wikipedia

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