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Divided into several levels of territorial entities. Wikipedia

  • Type of administrative unit of several post-Soviet states (such as part of an oblast). From the French "rayon" , which is both a type of a subnational entity and a division of a city, and is commonly translated in English as "district". Wikipedia

  • Political divisions of Russia

    Divided into several types and levels of subdivisions. Since 18 March 2014, the Russian Federation consisted of eighty-five federal subjects that are constituent members of the Federation. Wikipedia

  • Overview of extinct geopolitical entities that wished to be recognized as sovereign states, but did not enjoy worldwide diplomatic recognition. The entries listed here had de facto control over their claimed territory and were self-governing with a desire for full independence; or if they lacked such control over their territory, they were recognized by at least one other recognized nation. Wikipedia

  • Republics of Russia

    Divided into 85 federal subjects , 22 of which are "republics". Most of the republics represent areas of non-Russian ethnicity, although there are several republics with Russian majority. Wikipedia

  • Administratively divided into 27 regions, one of which is an autonomous republic, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Recognized in the Ukrainian Constitution in Chapter X: Autonomous Republic of Crimea and is governed in accordance with laws passed by Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Crimea

    Federal subject of Russia that is located on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014 but remained internationally recognized as being part of Ukraine. Simferopol, which is also the second largest city of Crimea, behind the federal city of Sevastopol. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAdministrative divisions of Ukraine

    • However, Poltava is a city of oblast subordinance, thus being subject directly to the oblast authorities rather to the raion administration housed in the city itself.Poltava-Wikipedia
    • The municipality of the city of Kyiv has a special legal status within Ukraine compared to the other administrative subdivisions of the country.Kyiv-Wikipedia
    • However, the city is a city of oblast subordinance, thus being subject directly to the oblast authorities rather to the raion administration housed within the city itself.Kaniv-Wikipedia
    • However, all oblasts have their own network of general hospitals which are able to deal with almost all medical problems and are typically equipped with major trauma centres; such hospitals are called 'regional hospitals' (Обласна Лікарня).Ukraine-Wikipedia
    • Kyiv Oblast or Kiev Oblast (Київська область, translit. Kyivs’ka oblast’; also referred to as Kyivshchyna – Київщина) is an oblast (province) in central Ukraine.Kyiv Oblast-Wikipedia
    • The Donetsk Oblast, also referred to as Donechyna (literally: Donetsia), is an oblast (province) of eastern Ukraine.Donetsk Oblast-Wikipedia

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