Aircraft occurrences similar to or like Aeroflot Flight 331

International passenger flight operated by an Ilyushin Il-62M that crashed about 1 km from José Martí International Airport, in Havana, Cuba, on 27 May 1977. Wikipedia

  • Cubana de Aviación Flight 9046

    Chartered Ilyushin Il-62M airliner operated by Cubana, which crashed on 3 September 1989, shortly after takeoff from José Martí International Airport. Due to operate a non-scheduled international Havana–Milan–Cologne passenger service. Wikipedia

  • Cubana de Aviación Flight 972

    Scheduled domestic flight from José Martí International Airport, Havana, Cuba, to Frank País Airport in Holguín, Cuba. On May 18, 2018, the 39-year-old Boeing 737-201 Adv. operating the route crashed shortly after takeoff, near Santiago de las Vegas, 19 km from Havana city centre. Wikipedia

  • Cubana de Aviación Flight 310

    Scheduled international flight from José Martí International Airport, Havana, Cuba, to Arturo Michelena International Airport, Valencia, Venezuela, which crashed near Bejuma, Venezuela, on 25 December 1999. All 22 people on board were killed. Wikipedia

  • Avianca Flight 011

    Boeing 747-200B on an international scheduled passenger flight from Frankfurt via Paris, Madrid, and Caracas to Bogotá, Colombia that crashed on 27 November 1983. Delayed waiting for additional passengers from a Lufthansa flight due to a cancellation of the Paris-Frankfurt-Paris segment by Avianca for operational reasons. Wikipedia

  • Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771

    Scheduled international Afriqiyah Airways passenger flight that crashed on 12 May 2010 at about 06:01 local time on approach to Tripoli International Airport. Of the 104 passengers and crew on board, 103 were killed. Wikipedia

  • Gulf Air Flight 072

    Scheduled international passenger flight from Cairo International Airport in Egypt to Bahrain International Airport in Bahrain, operated by Gulf Air. On 23 August 2000 at 19:30Arabia Standard Time (UTC+3), the Airbus A320 crashed minutes after executing a go-around upon failed attempt to land on Runway 12. Wikipedia

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