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Established 1 July 1993, with the realignment of Air Training Command and Air University. Wikipedia

  • United States Air Force

    Air service branch of the United States Armed Forces. One of the eight U.S. uniformed services. Wikipedia

  • List of installations operated by the United States Air Force located within the United States and abroad. Locations where the Air Force have a notable presence but do not operate the facility are also listed. Wikipedia

  • Air Force Reserve Command

    Major command (MAJCOM) of the United States Air Force, with its headquarters at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. Federal Air Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force, consisting of commissioned officers and enlisted airmen. Wikipedia

  • Nineteenth Air Force

    Active Numbered Air Force of the United States Air Force. Component of Tactical Air Command, with a mission of command and control over deployed USAF forces in support of United States foreign policy initiatives. Wikipedia

  • Air Combat Command

    One of nine Major Commands (MAJCOMs) in the United States Air Force, reporting to Headquarters, United States Air Force (HAF) at the Pentagon. Primary provider of air combat forces for the Air Force, and it is the direct successor to Tactical Air Command. Wikipedia

  • List of wings in the United States Air Force, focusing on AFCON wings. Air Force active duty and civilian personnel strength now must be at 1,000 or more for wings. Wikipedia


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