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Not to be confused with the athlete Albert Michelsen. Wikipedia


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    • To the east of the site and across a municipal service alley, a French Provincial style house for Nobel prize winning physicist Albert A. Michelson was built around 1923.Robie House-Wikipedia
    • In 1932, as a graduate student at Chicago, he discovered physics there and had the rare opportunity to use the equipment of legendary physicist Albert A. Michelson.Luis Walter Alvarez-Wikipedia
    • In 1892–1895, Albert A. Michelson defined the ångström so that the red line of cadmium was equal to 6438.47 ångströms.Angstrom-Wikipedia
    • The Michelson–Morley interferometer experiment was conducted in 1887 in the basement of a campus dormitory by Albert A. Michelson of Case School of Applied Science and Edward W. Morley of Western Reserve University.Case Western Reserve University-Wikipedia
    • Albert A. Michelson, the first American to win the Nobel prize in 1910, was born into a Jewish family, although he was agnostic.List of Jewish Nobel laureates-Wikipedia
    • The apparatus used was sensitive enough to detect a change as small as 0.03 millimeter per second (compared to the accuracy of 150 millimeters per second attained by Albert A. Michelson).Ali Javan-Wikipedia

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