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  • Albert A. Michelson

    Not to be confused with the athlete Albert Michelsen. American physicist known for his work on measuring the speed of light and especially for the Michelson–Morley experiment. Wikipedia

  • Henri Poincaré

    French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and philosopher of science. Often described as a polymath, and in mathematics as "The Last Universalist", since he excelled in all fields of the discipline as it existed during his lifetime. Wikipedia

  • Edward Teller

    Hungarian-American theoretical physicist who is known colloquially as "the father of the hydrogen bomb" (see the Teller–Ulam design), although he did not care for the title, considering it poor taste. Known both for his scientific ability and for his difficult interpersonal relations and volatile personality. Wikipedia

  • Jim Peebles

    Canadian-American astrophysicist, astronomer, and theoretical cosmologist who is currently the Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Emeritus, at Princeton University. Widely regarded as one of the world's leading theoretical cosmologists in the period since 1970, with major theoretical contributions to primordial nucleosynthesis, dark matter, the cosmic microwave background, and structure formation. Wikipedia

  • Jean Baptiste Perrin

    French physicist who, in his studies of the Brownian motion of minute particles suspended in liquids, verified Albert Einstein’s explanation of this phenomenon and thereby confirmed the atomic nature of matter (sedimentation equilibrium). Honoured with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1926. Wikipedia

  • Albert Szent-Györgyi

    Hungarian biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937. Credited with first isolating vitamin C and discovering the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle. Wikipedia


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