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Swedish author, lecturer, artist, songwriter, music producer, TV personality, religious and political activist, and one of the founders of the Syntheist religious movement alongside his co-author Jan Söderqvist. Wikipedia

  • BWO (band)

    Swedish electropop group, formed in 2003. Prior to early 2006 they used the name Bodies Without Organs. Wikipedia

  • Jan Söderqvist

    Author, lecturer, writer and consultant, and among other things also working as a literary and film critic for the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Söderqvist has written three books on the Internet revolution, collectively known as The Futurica Trilogy, together with TV personality Alexander Bard. Wikipedia

  • Army of Lovers

    Swedish dance music group which formed in 1987 and had a number of hits in Europe throughout the 1990s. Big hit in Europe, charting 31 weeks in the Eurochart and peaking at number 14 in 1992. Wikipedia

  • List of Swedish composers, musical groups, musicians and singers: Johan Agrell (1701–1765), full name: Johan Joachim Agrell Wikipedia

  • Anders Wollbeck

    Swedish songwriter and producer. He plays the guitar and keyboard. Wikipedia

  • Jan Myrdal

    Swedish author, filmmaker, cultural figure, and political activist noted for his strident Maoist views. The son of two of Sweden's most influential 20th century intellectuals, Nobel Laureates Alva Myrdal and Gunnar Myrdal, and the brother of Sissela Bok and Kaj Fölster. Wikipedia

  • Dogge Doggelito

    Swedish rapper, lecturer, author and artist. Also among the founders of The Latin Kings -- one of Sweden's most successful rap groups. Wikipedia

  • Åsa Jinder

    Swedish nyckelharpa player, composer, producer, songwriter, author and lecturer. She has scored album chart successes in Sweden. Wikipedia

  • Swedish electronic rock band formed in 2009 and signed to Sofo Records and Universal Music (worldwide) in 2010. Fronted by vocalist Andreas Öhrn and formerly by record producer and songwriter Alexander Bard . Wikipedia

  • Swedish music producer and songwriter, who often writes his name as Peter Mansson when working with non-Swedish artists. Based in MIR Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Wikipedia

  • Olle Helander

    Olle Helander (2 August 1919 in Stockholm – 15 April 1976), Swedish music journalist, author, producer and presenter of radio and TV. Head of jazz at Sveriges Radio and 1956 took the initiative to Radiobandet. Wikipedia

  • Isabella Löwengrip

    Swedish entrepreneur, author, lecturer and blogger. Born on October 21, 1990 in Järfälla. Wikipedia

  • Swedish New York City-based real estate broker, a Bravo TV reality star, a former IT entrepreneur in his native Sweden, and the author of The Sell. Brother of author Sigge Eklund and the son of Klas Eklund, who is a senior economist at Swedish bank SEB. Wikipedia

  • List of Universal Music Group musical artists. List of artist currently signed to Universal Music Latin Entertainment. Wikipedia

  • Greek-Swedish songwriter and music producer. He has worked with a number of artists including Jennifer López, Paulina Rubio, Enrique Iglesias, Antique, Elena Paparizou, Arash, Anna Vissi, Cameron Cartio, Eleni Foureira, Sarbel and Tamta. Wikipedia

  • Tyra Kleen

    Swedish artist, author and women's rights activist. Her paintings, illustrations, lithographs and publications were important to the Swedish fin de siècle art movement. Wikipedia

  • Johan Renck

    Swedish director of music videos, TV and film. Originally a singer-songwriter from 1991 to 2001, using the moniker Stakka Bo, and had an international hit with his single "Here We Go" in 1993. Wikipedia

  • Ebba von Sydow

    Swedish journalist, author, columnist, TV personality that also run one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle blogs in Sweden. Born on 18 February 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wikipedia

  • Björn Ulvaeus

    Swedish singer-songwriter, producer, a member of the Swedish musical group ABBA, and co-composer of the musicals Chess, Kristina från Duvemåla, and Mamma Mia!. He co-produced the films Mamma Mia! and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again with fellow ABBA member and close friend Benny Andersson. Wikipedia

  • Andreas Malm

    Swedish author and an associate senior lecturer of human ecology at Lund University. He sits on the editorial board of the academic journal Historical Materialism, and has been described as a Marxist. Wikipedia

  • Dan Sundquist

    Swedish music producer, songwriter and composer. Nominated three times for. Wikipedia

  • Swedish songwriter and music producer. Efraimsson grew up on the Swedish west coast, in a town called Gothenburg. Wikipedia

  • Albert Engström

    Swedish artist, author and member of the Swedish Academy from 1922. Born in Lönneberga, Kalmar County but spent most of his childhood in Hult (near Eksjö), where his father was the railroad stationmaster. Wikipedia

  • Swedish author and occultist and is considered one of the founders of Swedish science fiction. In his early years, he worked as a photographic technician in Malmö and became involved in the nascent Swedish science fiction fandom. Wikipedia

  • Jonas Berggren

    Swedish musician and singer-songwriter and record producer, also known as Joker. Seven, and continues to write for the Swedish band Ace of Base, which he is a founding member of, as well as other bands. Wikipedia

  • Eric Saade

    Swedish singer and songwriter. He spent two years with the boy band What's Up!, leaving the band in February 2009 to pursue a solo career. Wikipedia

  • Swedish author, lecturer and debater on the topic of Asperger syndrome. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, 13 July 1963. Wikipedia

  • Mattias Lindblom

    Swedish singer, writer, platinum-selling composer and music producer. He has contributed music and lyrics for artists such as Tina Arena, Pablo Nouvelle, Tarja Turunen and Garou, as well as for musical, brands, TV and film. Wikipedia

  • Herman Geijer

    Swedish author, lecturer and zombie-survivalist expert. Geijer grew up in Örsundsbro outside of Uppsala. Wikipedia

  • Syntheism

    New religious movement that is focused on how atheists and pantheists can achieve the same feelings of community and awe experienced in traditional theistic religions. The Syntheist Movement sees itself as the practical realisation of a philosophical ambition for a new religion dating back as far as Baruch Spinoza's pantheism in the 17th century and, most directly, British-American philosopher Alfred North Whitehead's pioneering work towards a process theology in his books Religion in the Making in 1926 and Process and Reality in 1929. Wikipedia


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