Royalties similar to or like Alexander the Great

King (basileus) of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and a member of the Argead dynasty. Wikipedia

  • Philip II of Macedon

    The king (basileus) of the kingdom of Macedon from 359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC. He was a member of the Argead dynasty of Macedonian kings, the third son of King Amyntas III of Macedon, and father of Alexander the Great and Philip III. Achieved in part by his reformation of the Ancient Macedonian army, establishing the Macedonian phalanx that proved critical in securing victories on the battlefield. Wikipedia

  • Seleucus I Nicator

    Greek general and one of the Diadochi, the rival generals, relatives, and friends of Alexander the Great who fought for control over his empire after his death. Infantry general under Alexander the Great, he eventually assumed the title of basileus and established the Seleucid Empire over the bulk of the territory which Alexander had conquered in Asia. Wikipedia

  • Alexander IV of Macedon

    The son of Alexander the Great (Alexander III of Macedon) and Princess Roxana of Bactria. The son of Alexander the Great and Alexander's wife Roxana (a Sogdian). Wikipedia

  • Darius III

    The last Achaemenid King of Kings of Persia, reigning from 336 BC to his death in 330 BC. Distant member of the Achaemenid dynasty. Wikipedia

  • Lysimachus

    Macedonian officer and diadochus (i.e. "successor") of Alexander the Great, who became a basileus ("King") in 306 BC, ruling Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedon. Born in circa 360 BC, to a family of Thessalian Greek stock. Wikipedia

  • Cassander

    King of the ancient kingdom of Macedon from 305 BC until 297 BC, and de facto ruler of southern Greece from 317 BC until his death. One of the Diadochi who warred over Alexander's empire following the latter's death in 323 BC. Cassander later seized the crown by having Alexander's son and heir Alexander IV murdered. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAlexander the Great

    • This Thirty-first Dynasty of Egypt, however, did not last long, for the Persians were toppled several decades later by Alexander the Great.Egypt-Wikipedia
    • Philip II of Macedon united most of present-day Greece in the fourth century BC, with his son Alexander the Great rapidly conquering much of the ancient world, from the eastern Mediterranean to India.Greece-Wikipedia
    • In 334 BC, Alexander the Great invaded the Achaemenid Empire, defeating the last Achaemenid emperor, Darius III, at the Battle of Issus.Iran-Wikipedia
    • Cities played a crucial role in the establishment of political power over an area, and ancient leaders such as Alexander the Great founded and created them with zeal.City-Wikipedia
    • The empire fell to Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC and was divided into several Hellenistic states.Iran-Wikipedia
    • Alexander the Great and his Macedonian forces arrived in Afghanistan in 330 BCE after defeating Darius III of Persia a year earlier in the Battle of Gaugamela.Afghanistan-Wikipedia

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