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Creative agency based in India. Wikipedia

  • Comedy group known from social media based in Mumbai, India. The group consists of the three members Johan Bartoli, Hampus Bergqvist and Vidhan Pratap Singh. Wikipedia

  • Bhuvan Bam

    Indian comedian, singer, songwriter and YouTube personality from Delhi, India. Known for his YouTube comedy channel BB Ki Vines. In 2018, Bam became the first Indian individual YouTube content creator to cross 10 million subscribers. Wikipedia

  • T-Series (company)

    Music record label and film production company in India founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983. Primarily known for Bollywood music soundtracks and Indi-pop music. Wikipedia

  • Indian celebrity video blogger and former model based in Mumbai. Shroff began her career as a model. Wikipedia

  • Ashish Chanchlani

    Indian comedian and YouTube personality from Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. Known for his YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines. Wikipedia

  • Indian YouTube personality based in Dubai. Notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi. Wikipedia


Sentences forAll India Bakchod

  • On 8 October 2018, Gursimran Khamba provided clarification on some sexual harassment allegations reported by an unknown girl who claimed Khamba had sexually assaulted her.Me Too movement (India)-Wikipedia
  • In February 2015, Khan stated his views at a popular online comedy group All India Bakchod for its celebrity Roast episode.Aamir Khan-Wikipedia
  • In 2017, after OML's foray in the comedy business, the festival added a comedy lineup after having previously booked acts like All India Bakchod and Vir Das for musical performances.NH7 Weekender-Wikipedia
  • When the Indian comedic group, All India Bakchod (AIB) parodied Game of Thrones through a series of memes, the primary purpose was to advertise products of companies that have endorsed the group and it would not be fair dealing.Internet meme-Wikipedia
  • She launched her own YouTube channel in 2017 and had been frequently collaborating with All India Bakchod before the channel got itself in trouble around October 2018 in the Indian #MeToo allegations.Mallika Dua-Wikipedia
  • He has also directed a short video 'Sachinocalypse' for All India Bakchod.Bejoy Nambiar-Wikipedia
  • The third edition of the awards featured a panel consisting of Malaika Arora, actress Neha Dhupia, director Ayan Mukerji, and comedy group AIB's Rohan Joshi.Koffee with Karan-Wikipedia
  • The Indian comedy group All India Bakchod organized the live show AIB Knockout in January 2015 featuring Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh with Karan Johar as the roastmaster.Roast (comedy)-Wikipedia
  • . In February 2015, a local court in Mumbai asked police to file a first information report against 14 Bollywood celebrities who were part of stage show of All India Bakchod, a controversial comedy stage show known for vulgar and profanity based content.Profanity-Wikipedia
  • Additionally, Tanmay Bhat was dropped from season 2 on 14 November 2018, a month after he was ousted from All India Bakchod due to allegations of inaction against sexual harassment.Comicstaan-Wikipedia
  • It was created by All India Bakchod, and was released on their YouTube channel.Kalki Koechlin-Wikipedia
  • In 2015, Khan co-hosted and wrote On Air with AIB, a news comedy show, with Rishab kulal, and Gursimran Khamba from the Indian comedy group All India Bakchod.Zakir Khan (comedian)-Wikipedia
  • He has also been a part of a news comedy show, On Air with AIB.Zakir Khan (comedian)-Wikipedia
  • On 7 October 2018, stand-up comedian and popular YouTuber Utsav Chakraborty, who worked as a freelancer with the comedy group All India Bakchod, was accused of sending women lewd messages and photos via social messaging apps.Me Too movement (India)-Wikipedia
  • Since the allegations against Vijay Nair, two OML employees, and All India Bakchod's associates surfaced, the company stated that Nair had left the organization earlier in 2018.Only Much Louder-Wikipedia
  • In December 2014, Mittal featured as a part of the Roast panel on the AIB (All India Bakchod) Knockout.Aditi Mittal-Wikipedia
  • He is known for his work with All India Bakchod, as the host of Comicstaan, and is the creator and host of Son of Abish.Abish Mathew-Wikipedia
  • Tanmay Bhat is an Indian stand-up comedian, script writer, performer, producer and co-founder of the creative agency All India Bakchod along with Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba.Tanmay Bhat-Wikipedia
  • Before All India Bakchod developed an in-house production unit, Babble Fish was responsible for creating their YouTube content.Only Much Louder-Wikipedia
  • On 11 April 2015, a YouTube comedy channel All India Bakchod uploaded a video titled "Save The Internet" which urged people to email TRAI demanding net neutrality.Net neutrality in India-Wikipedia
  • She also worked with Weird Ass, a Veer Das venture and then began collaborating with and making appearances in several All India Bakchod videos including roles such as Clitika from 'A woman's besties', 'Honest wedding', 'Honest Bars' and the Instagram character from 'If Apps were people'.Kaneez Surka-Wikipedia
  • In order to regain goodwill, the first video they uploaded was a call to action sketch that urged viewers to fight for net neutrality in India.On Air With AIB-Wikipedia
  • Critics said the third season "gets lazy with stale jokes" and it was subsequently cancelled by Hotstar after three episodes because of two separate sexual misconduct allegations against Bhat's complicity within AIB, and Khamba.On Air With AIB-Wikipedia
  • The All India Bakchod Knockout, aka AIB Knockout was a celebrity roast adaptation created by Mumbai based creative agency All India Bakchod (AIB).All India Bakchod Knockout-Wikipedia
  • Since signing comedians to their roster, OML added a comedy lineup and included Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, All India Bakchod members Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhat and Ashish Shakya, Kunal Kamra, Azeem Banatwalla and musical-satire trio Aisi Taisi Democracy among others.NH7 Weekender-Wikipedia
  • They added comedy acts, in 2013, after signing Vir Das, All India Bakchod, Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath, East India Comedy and others.Only Much Louder-Wikipedia
  • The hype surrounding the show eventually ended by April, 2015, and to work on their goodwill, AIB's next YouTube upload was a call to action sketch that urged people to fight for Net Neutrality in India.All India Bakchod Knockout-Wikipedia
  • On Air With AIB was an Indian web television satire show created by All India Bakchod on Star India's digital platform Hotstar.On Air With AIB-Wikipedia
  • "AIB’s It’s your fault scores."It's Your Fault (video)-Wikipedia
  • The show was produced by Only Much Louder, a Mumbai based entertainment company and AIB's former management, and was cancelled in its third season due to two separate instances of sexual misconduct leveled against the group's co-founders Tanmay Bhat and Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba.On Air With AIB-Wikipedia

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