Broadcasting networks similar to or like All India Radio

National public radio broadcaster of India and is a division of Prasar Bharati. Wikipedia

  • Doordarshan

    Autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India, owned by the Broadcasting Ministry of India and one of Prasar Bharati's two divisions. Established on 15 September 1959. Wikipedia

  • Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie

    National public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Region and Community of Belgium. Successor to the Nationaal Instituut voor de Radio-omroep , Belgische Radio- en Televisieomroep (BRT, 1960–1991), and Belgische Radio- en Televisieomroep Nederlandstalige Uitzendingen (BRTN, 1991–1998). Wikipedia

  • Mexican public broadcaster, akin to National Public Radio in the US. Also known as IMER. Wikipedia

  • Malayalam language television channel operated by India's national broadcaster Doordarshan. Not officially used now. Wikipedia

  • Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa

    Greenland's national public broadcasting organization. Independent state-owned corporation headed by a five-person board. Wikipedia

  • Abkhazia's public television and radio broadcaster, founded in 1976. Its sole TV channel, Apsua TV, started broadcasting on November 6, 1976. Wikipedia

  • Radio y Televisión de Andalucía

    Public radio and television broadcaster in Andalusia, Spain. Provider of radio and TV in the south of Spain. Wikipedia

  • Malaysian public broadcaster. It runs 5 television channels and 36 radio stations in Malaysia, based in Kuala Lumpur. Wikipedia

  • Omroep NTR

    Dutch public-service broadcaster, supplying television and radio programming of an informational, educational, and cultural nature to the national public broadcasting system, Nederlandse Publieke Omroep . Created in 2010, following the merger of the Nederlandse Programma Stichting and two educational broadcasters, Televisie Academie (Teleac) and the Radio Volksuniversiteit (RVU). Wikipedia

  • Special Broadcasting Service

    Hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online and television network. Derived from the Australian Government. Wikipedia

  • ORF (broadcaster)

    Austrian national public service broadcaster. Dominant player in the Austrian broadcast media. Wikipedia

  • Slovenský rozhlas

    State-owned nationwide public-service radio broadcaster in Slovakia. Headquartered in Bratislava in a building shaped like an inverted pyramid. Wikipedia

  • Radiotelevizija Slovenija

    Slovenia's national public broadcasting organization. Based in the country's capital, Ljubljana, it has regional broadcasting centres in Koper and Maribor and correspondents around Slovenia, Europe and the world. Wikipedia

  • South African Broadcasting Corporation

    Public broadcaster in South Africa, and provides 19 radio stations (AM/FM) as well as five television broadcasts to the general public. One of the largest of South Africa's state-owned enterprises. Wikipedia

  • Yugoslav Radio Television

    The national public broadcasting system in the SFR Yugoslavia. It consisted of eight subnational radio and television broadcast centers with each one headquartered in one of the six constituent republics and two autonomous provinces of Yugoslavia. Wikipedia

  • National public broadcaster of the Republic of Mauritius, that is the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga. Found at Réduit, Moka, it also operate a station in Rodrigues. Wikipedia

  • Czech Radio

    Public radio broadcaster of the Czech Republic, operating since 1923. The service broadcasts throughout the Czech Republic nationally and locally. Wikipedia

  • Local public broadcaster in Cetinje, Montenegro. It broadcasts and produces news, cultural and sports programming through radio and the Internet. Wikipedia

  • Japanese radio station operated by the public broadcaster, NHK. Regarded as the radio version of NHK Educational TV and is broadly similar to South Korea's EBS FM. Wikipedia

  • Broadcasting association which produces radio and television programmes within the framework of the Dutch public broadcasting system NPO. Founded on 16 February 2009 as a right-wing conservative counterweight to a perceived leftist bias in Dutch public broadcasting, and its first programme was transmitted on 6 September 2010. Wikipedia

  • Kringvarp Føroya

    National public broadcasting company of the Faroe Islands. Founded on 1 January 2005 after a merger of the national radio and television networks, Útvarp Føroya and Sjónvarp Føroya. Wikipedia

  • Japan's oldest radio station operated by the public broadcaster, NHK. Broadly similar to BBC Radio 4, CBC Radio One, and Deutschlandfunk. Wikipedia

  • Radio and Television of Slovakia

    Nationwide public broadcasting, state-funded organisation in Slovakia. Headquartered in Bratislava and led by Jaroslav Rezník. Wikipedia

  • The government-owned public radio service of the dominion of Newfoundland. Absorbed into the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and its three main AM radio transmitters remain in operation today as CBC Radio One stations. Wikipedia

  • Ici Radio-Canada Télé

    Canadian French-language free-to-air television network that is owned by Société Radio-Canada (known in English as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), the national public broadcaster. French-language counterpart of CBC Television, the broadcaster's English-language television network. Wikipedia

  • National public broadcaster of Mozambique. Headquartered in Maputo, the country's capital. Wikipedia

  • Bayerischer Rundfunk

    Public-service radio and television broadcaster, based in Munich, capital city of the Free State of Bavaria in Germany. Member organization of the ARD consortium of public broadcasters in Germany. Wikipedia

  • Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

    Public broadcaster of Namibia. Established in 1979, under the name South West African Broadcasting Corporation. Wikipedia

  • State-owned public radio and television broadcaster for Greece. ERT began broadcasting in 1938 as the Radio Broadcasting Service or YRE (Υπηρεσία Ραδιοφωνικής Εκπομπής, ΥΡΕ). Wikipedia

  • Norddeutscher Rundfunk

    Public radio and television broadcaster, based in Hamburg. In addition to the city-state of Hamburg, NDR transmits for the German states of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein. Wikipedia


Sentences forAll India Radio

  • The radio station at the Rippon Buildings complex was founded in 1930 and was then shifted to All India Radio in 1938.Chennai-Wikipedia
  • The popular radio station was taken over by the local municipality and later by All India Radio (AIR) and moved to Bangalore in 1955.Karnataka-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio, the national state-owned radio broadcaster, airs several AM radio stations in the city.Kolkata-Wikipedia
  • Broadcasting stations of All India Radio have been established in five big cities: Dibrugarh, Guwahati, Kokrajhar, Silchar and Tezpur.Assam-Wikipedia
  • To communicate the exact time to the people, the exact time is broadcast over the national All India Radio and Doordarshan television network.Indian Standard Time-Wikipedia
  • Since 1974, there has been a short daily news broadcast on state-run All India Radio.Sanskrit-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio is a public radio station.West Bengal-Wikipedia
  • The government owned All India Radio (AIR) has been broadcasting from Pune since 1953.Pune-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio is a public radio station.Uttar Pradesh-Wikipedia
  • The available channels in Hyderabad include All India Radio, Radio Mirchi, Radio City, Red FM, Big FM and Fever FM.Hyderabad-Wikipedia
  • Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru addressed his countrymen over the All-India Radio saying:Mahatma Gandhi-Wikipedia
  • The state-owned All India Radio Ahmedabad is broadcast both on the medium wave and FM bands (96.7 MHz) in the city.Ahmedabad-Wikipedia
  • There are twelve radio stations in Mumbai, with nine broadcasting on the FM band, and three All India Radio stations broadcasting on the AM band.Mumbai-Wikipedia
  • There are government radio channels like All India Radio, Jalandhar, All India Radio, Bathinda and FM Gold Ludhiana.Punjab, India-Wikipedia
  • In 1957, Akashvani was chosen as the official name of All India Radio (AIR), the radio broadcaster of the Government of India.Mysore-Wikipedia
  • One of the earliest All India Radio stations has been operational in Lucknow since 1938.Lucknow-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio, the national state-owned radio broadcaster, airs Medium wave and Shortwave radio stations in the city.Thiruvananthapuram-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio (AIR) has a studio at Kadri (with frequency 100.3 MHz) that airs program during scheduled hours.Mangalore-Wikipedia
  • Bangalore got its first radio station when All India Radio, the official broadcaster for the Indian Government, started broadcasting from its Bangalore station on 2 November 1955.Bangalore-Wikipedia
  • The All India Radio is the only radio channel in the state that broadcasts on both FM and AM bands.Goa-Wikipedia
  • The city hosts several radio stations, including the state-owned All India Radio's Vividh Bharati, and FM 105.Patna-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio broadcast the special Sangeetharchana all over Kerala.K. J. Yesudas-Wikipedia
  • The radio stations include All India Radio and other FM stations.Haryana-Wikipedia
  • The city has four AM and 11 FM radio stations operated by All India Radio, Anna University and Suryan FM, Radio Mirchi, BIG FM, Hello FM, Radio City, Radio One among others.Chennai-Wikipedia
  • All India Radio also operates from Ranchi.Jharkhand-Wikipedia
  • Vividh Bharati, a service of All India Radio, has a long running Hindi radio-drama program:Radio drama-Wikipedia
  • The state-owned All India Radio is broadcast both on the medium wave and FM band in the city.Jaipur-Wikipedia
  • FM radio channels broadcast from Kochi are Rainbow FM (AIR) 101.9 MHz, AIR Kochi 102.3 MHz, Club FM 94.3 MHz, Radio Mango 91.9 MHz, Red FM 93.5 MHz, Radio Mirchi 104.0 MHz.Kochi-Wikipedia
  • It is an autonomous corporation of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (India), Government of India and comprises the Doordarshan television network and All India Radio.Public broadcasting-Wikipedia
  • In India, 1975–1976, these agencies implemented an experimental satellite television system, called the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment, with assistance from the Indian Space Research Organisation, and All India Radio.News-Wikipedia

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