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Amendments to the Constitution of Ireland are only possible by way of referendum. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAmendments to the Constitution of Ireland

    • Exceptions to this are presidential elections and constitutional referendums in the Republic of Ireland, for which there is no comparable franchise in the United Kingdom.British Isles-Wikipedia
    • Although acts to amend the constitution are outside the annual sequence used for other public acts, bills to amend the constitution are within the annual sequence of public bills.Bill (law)-Wikipedia
    • In Ireland this is obligatory for bills to amend the constitution; it is possible for other bills via a process that has never been used.Bill (law)-Wikipedia
    • The nationalist party Sinn Féin proposed a constitutional amendment to prohibit the country from joining a military alliance like NATO, but the legislation failed to pass the Dáil Éireann in April 2019.Enlargement of NATO-Wikipedia
    • The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Act 1983 was an amendment to the Constitution of Ireland which inserted a subsection recognising the equal right to life of the pregnant woman and the unborn.Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland-Wikipedia
    • Seanad reform proposals may be divided into those requiring amending the Constitution of Ireland via referendum, and those limited to amendment of statute law within the existing constitutional parameters.Vocational panel-Wikipedia

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