Televisions similar to or like American Experience

Television program airing on the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Frontline (American TV program)

    Investigative documentary program distributed by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States. Episodes are produced at WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts. Wikipedia

  • List of awards and nominations received by American Experience

    Television program airing on the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. The program airs documentaries about important or interesting events and people in American history. Wikipedia

  • Antiques Roadshow (American TV program)

    American television program broadcast on Public Broadcasting Service Public television stations. The program features local antiques owners who bring in items to be appraised by experts. Wikipedia

  • List of American Experience episodes

    American television program and a PBS documentary series created by Peter McGhee. The series airs documentaries about significant historical events or figures in United States history. Wikipedia

  • PBS

    American public broadcaster and television program distributor. Nonprofit organization and the most prominent provider of educational television programming to public television stations in the United States, distributing series such as American Experience, America's Test Kitchen, Antiques Roadshow, Arthur, Barney & Friends, Between the Lions, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Downton Abbey, Finding Your Roots, Frontline, The Magic School Bus, Masterpiece Theater, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Nature, Nova, the PBS NewsHour, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, Teletubbies, Keeping up Appearances and This Old House. Wikipedia

  • American Playhouse

    Anthology television series periodically broadcast by Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. It premiered on January 12, 1982, with The Shady Hill Kidnapping, written and narrated by John Cheever and directed by Paul Bogart. Wikipedia

  • Considered one of the most prestigious awards in journalism. The awards were established in 1942 and administered until 1967 by Washington and Lee University's O. W. Riegel, Curator and Head of the Department of Journalism and Communications. Wikipedia

  • List of Frontline (American TV program) episodes

    Investigative journalism television program from PBS , producing in-depth documentaries on a variety of domestic and international stories and issues, and broadcasting them on air and online. Produced at WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, and distributed through PBS in the United States, the critically acclaimed program has received every major award in broadcast journalism. Wikipedia

  • List of member stations of the Public Broadcasting Service, a network of non-commercial educational television stations in the United States. Arranged alphabetically by state and based on the station's city of license and followed in parentheses by the designated market area when different from the city of license. Wikipedia

  • PBS NewsHour

    American daily evening television news program and news division broadcast nationally on over 350 PBS member stations. Known for its in-depth coverage of issues and current events. Wikipedia

  • Evolution (TV series)

    2001 documentary series by the American broadcaster Public Broadcasting Service and WGBH on evolutionary biology, from the producers of NOVA. The spokespeople for the series were Jane Goodall (overall spokesperson), Kenneth R. Miller and Stephen Jay Gould (science spokespeople), Eugenie C. Scott (education spokesperson), Arthur Peacocke and Arnold Thomas (religious spokespeople). Wikipedia

  • PBS Kids

    Brand for most of the children's programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. Produced by independent public television distributors such as American Public Television are not labeled as "PBS Kids" programming, and it is mainly a programming block branding. Wikipedia

  • Television program broadcast in the United States, created on November 5, 1967, by National Educational Television (NET). Considered a live Sunday-night magazine program. Wikipedia

  • American public television news program produced by WNET and broadcast weekly on all Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) affiliate-stations in the United States (plus, ABC News 24, in Australia). It aired from May 2010 until June 2013. Wikipedia

  • An American Family

    American television documentary filmed from May 30 through December 31, 1971, and first aired in the United States on the Public Broadcasting Service from January 11, 1973, to March 29, 1973. After being edited down from about 300 hours of raw footage, the program of 12 hour-long episodes aired Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. Wikipedia

  • Nature (TV program)

    Wildlife television program produced by Thirteen/WNET New York. It has been distributed to United States public television stations by the PBS television service since its debut on October 10, 1982. Wikipedia

  • Local broadcaster, owned by a company other than the owner of the network, which carries some or all of the lineup of television programs or radio programs of a television or radio network. Owned-and-operated station , which is owned by the parent network. Wikipedia

  • Connecticut Public Television

    Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member network for the U.S. state of Connecticut. Owned by Connecticut Public Broadcasting, a community-based non-profit organization that holds the licenses for all PBS member stations licensed in the state, and also owns the state's National Public Radio member, Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR). Wikipedia

  • Type of television station broadcasting in the United States or Canada that is not affiliated with any broadcast television network; most commonly, these stations carry a mix of syndicated, brokered and in some cases, local programming to fill time periods when network programs typically would air. Stations that are affiliated with networks such as The CW, MyNetworkTV or to a lesser degree, even Fox may be considered to be quasi-independent stations as these networks mainly provide programming during primetime, with limited to no network-supplied content in other time periods. Wikipedia

  • Public-affairs television program aired in the United States in the mid-1950s. Similar in format and content to the long-running Meet the Press and was moderated by one of that program's creators, pioneering female journalist Martha Rountree. Wikipedia

  • Postcards from Buster

    American-Canadian children's television series containing both live action and animation that originally aired on PBS. Spin-off of the Arthur TV series. Wikipedia

  • The Big Picture (TV series)

    American documentary television program which aired from 1951 to 1964. The series consisted of documentary films produced by the United States Army Signal Corps Army Pictorial Service. Wikipedia

  • Our World (1986 TV program)

    American television news program that ran for 26 episodes, from September 25, 1986 to May 28, 1987. Anchored by Linda Ellerbee and Ray Gandolf. Wikipedia

  • American Chronicles

    Documentary television program that was broadcast by Fox Broadcasting Company as part of its 1990 fall lineup. Produced by Mark Frost through Lynch/Frost Productions, the company that he founded with David Lynch. Wikipedia

  • POV (TV series)

    Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) public television series which features independent nonfiction films. Initialism for point of view. Wikipedia

  • Mayday (Canadian TV series)

    Canadian documentary television program examining air crashes, near-crashes, hijackings, bombings, and other disasters. Mayday uses re-enactments and computer-generated imagery to reconstruct the sequence of events leading up to each disaster. Wikipedia

  • Wide Angle (TV program)

    American documentary television program produced by Thirteen/WNET New York for broadcast on PBS and for worldwide distribution. Last hosted by veteran journalist Aaron Brown. Wikipedia

  • Historical reality television series that originally aired on the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States from April 29 to May 3, 2002. The series followed three family groups that agreed to live as homesteaders did in Montana Territory on the American frontier in 1883. Wikipedia


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