Radio shows similar to or like American Top 40

Internationally syndicated, independent song countdown radio program created by Casey Kasem, Don Bustany, Tom Rounds and Ron Jacobs. Wikipedia

  • Rick Dees Weekly Top 40

    Internationally syndicated radio program created and hosted by American radio personality Rick Dees. Currently heard on over 200 radio stations worldwide. Wikipedia

  • Casey Kasem

    American disc jockey, music historian, radio personality, actor and voice actor, who created and hosted several radio countdown programs, notably American Top 40. The first actor to voice Norville "Shaggy" Rogers in the Scooby-Doo franchise . Wikipedia

  • Weekly internationally syndicated radio program which counts down the top 40 country songs of the previous week, from No. 40 to No. 1, according to the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Hosted by Kix Brooks. Wikipedia

  • Globally-syndicated, independent song countdown radio program. Based on the popular iHeartRadio, an Internet radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. The show premiered on January 14, 2014 on selected iHeartMedia-owned stations, and is syndicated by Premiere Networks. Wikipedia

  • Radio syndication company that was founded in 1969 by Tom Rounds and Ron Jacobs. Watermark's best known programs were American Top 40 and its spinoff American Country Countdown. Wikipedia

  • American radio broadcasting executive, founder and chief executive officer of Radio Express in Burbank, California. After first entering the broadcasting profession at the campus radio station of Amherst College in Massachusetts in the late 1950s, Rounds then worked at WINS (AM) in New York City as a newsman in 1959 before agreeing to travel to Honolulu with the station's general manager to work at station KPOI. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAmerican Top 40

    • Some nationally syndicated radio shows, such as American Top 40, featured a countdown of the 40 highest ranked songs on a particular music or entertainment publication.Top 40-Wikipedia
    • The Hot 100 served for many years as the data source for the weekly radio countdown show American Top 40.Billboard Hot 100-Wikipedia
    • His second WBR album A Night on the Town (1976) went to #2 in the US and #1 in Australia and produced three US Top 40 singles, including his first US #1 "Tonight's the Night".Warner Records-Wikipedia
    • At the end of each year, Billboard tallies the results of all of its charts, and the results are published in a year-end issue and heard on year-end editions of its American Top 40 and American Country Countdown radio broadcasts.Billboard charts-Wikipedia
    • From January 9, 1993, until its last first-run show on January 28, 1995, American Top 40 used this chart as its main source after having used the Hot 100 Airplay chart since 1991.Mainstream Top 40-Wikipedia
    • When "I Want Your Sex" reached the US charts, American Top 40 host Casey Kasem refused to say the song's title, referring to it only as "the new single by George Michael."George Michael-Wikipedia

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