Organizations similar to or like Amnesty International

Non-governmental organization with its headquarters in the United Kingdom focused on human rights. Wikipedia

  • Human Rights Watch

    International non-governmental organization, headquartered in New York City, that conducts research and advocacy on human rights. The group pressures governments, policy makers, companies, and individual human rights abusers to denounce abuse and respect human rights, and the group often works on behalf of refugees, children, migrants, and political prisoners. Wikipedia

  • Amnesty International Thailand

    Non-governmental organisation (NGO) focused on the protection of human rights in Thailand and worldwide with more than 1,000 members across Thailand. One of more than 70 "sections" that make up Amnesty International worldwide. Wikipedia

  • International Commission of Jurists

    International human rights non-governmental organization. Standing group of 60 eminent jurists—including senior judges, attorneys and academics—who work to develop national and international human rights standards through the law. Wikipedia

  • International Observatory of Human Rights

    London-based non-governmental organization focused on exposing human rights violations. It runs a TV channel dedicated to human rights campaigns, the first of its kind, via the interactive platform. Wikipedia

  • Moroccan Association for Human Rights

    One of the biggest Moroccan human rights non-governmental organizations. Founded on June 24, 1979 in Rabat to work for the preservation of human dignity and the respect, protection, defense and promotion of human rights in Morocco and Western Sahara. Wikipedia

  • International Federation for Human Rights

    Non-governmental federation for human rights organizations. Second oldest international human rights organisation worldwide after Anti-Slavery International. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAmnesty International

    • In a report issued in March 2020, Amnesty International charged that Thai military conscripts face institutionalised abuse systematically hushed up by military authorities.Thailand-Wikipedia
    • According to Amnesty International (AI), government investigations of alleged police abuses are often lengthy and punishments were light.Spain-Wikipedia
    • In particular, such organisations as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch consider Russia to have not enough democratic attributes and to allow few political rights and civil liberties to its citizens.Russia-Wikipedia
    • In 2010, it banned the wearing of face-covering Islamic veils in public; human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch described the law as discriminatory towards Muslims.France-Wikipedia
    • In 2007, Amnesty International released a report alleging that Egypt had become an international centre for torture, where other nations send suspects for interrogation, often as part of the War on Terror.Egypt-Wikipedia
    • According to Amnesty International, official death sentences from 1959 to 1987 numbered 237 of which all but 21 were actually carried out.Cuba-Wikipedia

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