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Parsi theatre actor-director, lyricist and Gujarati author. Wikipedia

  • Parsi theatre actor, director and manager, as well as a playwright of the Gujarati theatre. Born in 1856 in Bombay to a Parsi family. Wikipedia

  • Indian Gujarati Parsi playwright, actor, director, broadcaster known for his efforts in modernizing Parsi theatre. Awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India in 1964 and Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1970. Wikipedia

  • Gujarati theatre director and actor from Gujarat, India. Well known for his heroic and Bhavai roles. Wikipedia

  • Gujarati theatre

    Gujarati theatre refers to theatre performed in the Gujarati language, including its dialects. Produced mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra, in cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Baroda, surat and else where Gujarati diaspora exists, especially North America. Wikipedia

  • Indian Gujarati theatre actor, director, manager, and playwright from Gujarat, India. Born into a family of traditional theatre actors, he joined theatre troupes at a young age and rose to fame for his comic roles and female impersonations. Wikipedia

  • Saumya Joshi

    Indian poet, writer, playwright, director and actor associated with Gujarati language literature, theatre and films. Known in Gujarati theatre for his plays Welcome Zindagi and 102 Not Out. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAmrit Keshav Nayak

    • She met Gujarati Parsi theatre artist Amrit Keshav Nayak around 1904–1905 and had a brief relationship with him before his sudden death in 1907.Gauhar Jaan-Wikipedia
    • The Alfred Company had several popular actors like Sohrabji Oghra, Amrit Keshav Nayak, and Vallabh Keshav Nayak who performed adaptations of Shakespeare's plays.Kavasji Palanji Khatau-Wikipedia
    • Amrit Keshav Nayak, a prolific stage actor had said, "I love whatever Jahangir writes as he is first born actor and second born writer among Parsis."Gulfam (writer)-Wikipedia
    • He was trained in theatre by Amrit Keshav Nayak and in Urdu by Narayanprasad 'Betab'.Muljibhai Nayak-Wikipedia
    • M. A. Banake Kyon Meri Mitti Kharab Ki? (Why did you spoil my life making me do my M. A.?) is a 1908 Gujarati social novel by Indian writer Amrit Keshav Nayak (1877–1907).M. A. Banake Kyon Meri Mitti Kharab Ki?-Wikipedia

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