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Canadian film producer. Wikipedia

  • Dave Foley

    Canadian actor, stand-up comedian, director, producer and writer. Known as a co-founder of the comedy group The Kids in the Hall, who have appeared together in a number of television, stage and film productions, most notably the 1988-1995 TV sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall, as well as the 1996 film Brain Candy. Wikipedia

  • Canadian screenwriter, producer, and film director. He has written the screenplays for the crime dramedy Feeling Minnesota (1996), the television crime thriller Brother's Keeper (2002), the biographical drama Get on Up (2014), and the biographical drama Miles Ahead (2015). Wikipedia

  • Canadian film and theatrical producer and entrepreneur. Convicted and sentenced to prison for fraud and forgery. Wikipedia

  • Norman Jewison

    Retired Canadian film director, producer, screenwriter and founder of the Canadian Film Centre. He has directed numerous feature films and has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director three times in three separate decades for In the Heat of the Night (1967), Fiddler on the Roof (1971) and Moonstruck (1987). Wikipedia

  • Jennifer Podemski

    Canadian film and television actress and producer. Her acting credits include starring roles in the television series Tin Star, The Rez, Riverdale, Goosebumps, Moccasin Flats, Bliss and Moose TV and the films Dance Me Outside, The Diviners, and Empire of Dirt, as well as supporting or guest roles in Degrassi, Republic of Doyle, The Eleventh Hour, Blue Murder, Wild Card, This Is Wonderland, Rabbit Fall, The Border and Maniac Mansion, while her producing credits include Rabbit Fall, Moccasin Flats and Empire of Dirt.The Rez Wikipedia

  • Italian-Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in Veroli, Italy, August 15, 1949. Wikipedia

  • Ken Gord

    Canadian film and television producer. Born in Toronto General Hospital. Wikipedia

  • Canadian inventor and film producer. He co-founded Cineplex with Garth Drabinsky. Wikipedia

  • Canadian music producer, songwriter, and film and television composer. In 2019, he produced and co-wrote "The Chase" for Celine Dion's album Courage. Wikipedia

  • Canadian actor, film director, screenwriter and producer. He has appeared in films such as Breaking Away (1979), Rich and Famous (1981), The Wild Life (1984), Making Mr. Right (1987), Die Hard (1988), Apartment Zero (1988), Mr. Destiny (1990) Mad at the Moon (1992), Break Up (1998), Liberty Stands Still (2002), Spread (2009), and Carrie (2013). Wikipedia

  • Jeff Kopas

    Canadian writer, film director, and producer. Kopas grew up in Toronto and attended high school at Royal St. George's College downtown and then Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario. Wikipedia

  • Canadian-born poet, technology entrepreneur, and film producer. Founder of Kensho Technologies, which, according to Forbes, became the most valuable privately owned artificial intelligence company in history when it was acquired by S&P Global for $550 million in 2018. Wikipedia

  • Allan J. Stitt

    Chartered Canadian arbitrator, mediator and film producer. President and CEO of ADR Chambers, a Canadian arbitration and mediation organization. Wikipedia

  • Canadian actor, film and television writer, and television producer. Frequently cast by director Christopher Guest, and is also a close friend and the collaborative partner of Bonnie Hunt. Wikipedia

  • Canadian film producer, screenwriter, author and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California. Born in Toronto, Ontario. Wikipedia

  • Kate Hewlett

    Canadian film, television and stage actress and producer. Hewlett has worked in television, film and theatre. Wikipedia

  • Jeffrey Skoll

    Canadian engineer, billionaire internet entrepreneur and film producer. The first employee and subsequently first president of eBay, eventually using the wealth this gave him to become a philanthropist, particularly through the Skoll Foundation, and his media company Participant Media. Wikipedia

  • Canadian producer and director of film and television, best known for producing the critically acclaimed film, The Shape of Water, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Picture at the 90th Academy Awards. Regular collaborator of director Guillermo del Toro. Wikipedia

  • Kevin Sullivan (producer)

    Canadian writer, director and producer of film and television programs. Best known for detailed period movies such as the Anne of Green Gables series of films, his movie adaptation of Timothy Findley's novel The Piano Man's Daughter, feature films and TV-movies such as Under the Piano, Butter Box Babies, Sleeping Dogs Lie and the CBS mini-series Seasons of Love, as well as long-running television series such as Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back. Wikipedia

  • Canadian punk rock band, originally from Guelph, who formed in 1996. Bucchino, Conroy, Hughes, and Thomson formed a band, then simply called "Flashlight", out of boredom and frustration and quickly moved from the small college town of Guelph to the much larger Toronto, Ontario. Wikipedia

  • Canadian film and television director, television producer and a choreographer. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Wikipedia

  • Noël Mitrani

    Canadian-born French film director, producer and screenwriter. Born in Toronto from French parents, he went back to France age of 5. Wikipedia

  • Allan Ungar

    Canadian film director, producer, and screenwriter known for writing and directing the action thriller Gridlocked and the Uncharted Live Action Fan Film. Hired to write and direct his first feature film Tapped Out, an MMA drama starring Michael Biehn, Anderson Silva, Krzysztof Soszynski and Martin Kove. Wikipedia

  • H (1990 film)

    1990 Canadian film written, directed, and produced by Darrell Wasyk. About two heroin addicts, Michele and Snake (Martin Neufeld), who struggle to withdraw from the drug. Wikipedia

  • Canadian film and television producer, most noted as a longtime producer of news and current affairs for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Born in Fort Vermilion, Alberta to a German Canadian father and a Métis mother, Bittman grew up in Hay River, Northwest Territories. Wikipedia

  • Scot McFadyen

    Canadian film director, producer and music supervisor whose work focuses on the subculture of heavy metal. He co-owns Toronto-based production company Banger Films with Sam Dunn. Wikipedia

  • Canadian film director and television producer and screenwriter. Perhaps best known for his documentary films Action: The October Crisis of 1970 and Reaction: A Portrait of a Society in Crisis about Quebec's October Crisis. Wikipedia

  • Canadian film and television producer and writer. The co creator of "Tales of the Riverbank". Wikipedia


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