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Anime-influenced animation refers to non-Japanese works of animation that are similar to or inspired by anime. Wikipedia

  • Anime

    Hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. In Japan and in Japanese, anime (a term derived from the English word animation), describes all animated works, regardless of style or origin. Wikipedia

  • Kaleido Star

    Japanese anime series animated by Japanese studio Gonzo. Created by Junichi Sato, who also directed the first season, and written by Reiko Yoshida. Wikipedia

  • Spanish animation refers to animation made in Spain. Considered the pioneer of Spanish animation, with the stop-motion shorts he made in France for Pathé starting with La maison hantée . Wikipedia

  • Traditional animation

    Animation technique in which each frame is drawn by hand. The dominant form of animation in cinema until the advent of computer animation. Wikipedia

  • Adult animation

    Any type of animated motion work that is catered specifically to adult interests, and is mainly targeted and marketed towards adults and adolescents, as opposed to children or all-ages audiences. Works in this medium could be considered adult for any number of reasons, which include the incorporation of explicit or suggestive content, graphic violence, profane language, thematic elements or dark humour. Wikipedia

  • Original music written specifically to accompany an animation. One of the first American animation songs is "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" (1930). Wikipedia


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