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Hanoverian soldier who served in the armies of the British East India Company and Daulat Scindia. Wikipedia

  • Government degree colleges in India are public-sector educational institutes managed mainly through rule and regulations of government accompanied by University Grants Commission (India) (UGC). Education in India has been categorized into elementary, secondary and higher education. Wikipedia

  • British educator and Sanskrit scholar. Also a Member of the Legislative Council of the United Province. Wikipedia


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  • Dodd is charged by the mercenary commander of the Mahratta army, Anthony Pohlmann, with raiding the British fort at Chasalgoan, where he massacres the entire garrison, with the single exception of Richard Sharpe.List of Sharpe series characters-Wikipedia
  • Wellesley's force, however, encountered the Maratha army – which was under the command of Colonel Anthony Pohlmann, a German formerly in British service – 6 mi farther south than he anticipated.Battle of Assaye-Wikipedia
  • Pohlmann struck camp and deployed his infantry battalions in a line facing southwards behind the steep banks of the Kailna with his cannon arrayed directly in front.Battle of Assaye-Wikipedia
  • Colonel Anthony Pohlmann, a Hanoverian and former East India Company sergeant, commanded the largest brigade with eight battalions.Battle of Assaye-Wikipedia
  • Their command structure had also been damaged: many of their European officers, including Colonel Pohlmann and Major Dupont, surrendered to the Company – which had offered amnesty to Europeans in the service of the Maratha armies – or deserted and sought employment with other native chieftains.Battle of Assaye-Wikipedia
  • To work with the new brigade, he hired Drugeon from Savoy, Sangster from Scotland, John Hessing, a Dutchman, as well as Frémont and Pierre Cuillier-Perron, two Frenchmen, a German named Anthony Pohlmann and an Italian, Michael Filoze.Benoît de Boigne-Wikipedia

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