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Al-ʿarabī), also known as the Arab nation (الأمة العربية al-ummah al-ʿarabīyyah), the Arabsphere, or the Arab states, consists of the 22 Arab countries which are members of the Arab League. Wikipedia

  • Arabs

    Ethnic group mainly inhabiting the Arab world. They are descended from nomadic pastoralists who travelled around the Arabian Peninsula and Syrian Desert regions, and who organised themselves in tribal social structures. Wikipedia

  • Arab League

    Regional organization in the Arab world, which is located in Africa and Western Asia. Formed in Cairo on 22 March 1945 initially with six members: Egypt, Iraq, Transjordan , Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Wikipedia

  • Demographics of the Arab League

    Social, cultural and economic grouping of 22 Arab states in the Arabic speaking world. Around 407-420 million people. Wikipedia

  • Arab identity

    Objective or subjective state of perceiving oneself as an Arab and as relating to being Arab. Like other cultural identities, it relies on a common culture, a traditional lineage, the common land in history, shared experiences including underlying conflicts and confrontations. Wikipedia

  • List of countries where Arabic is an official language

    Official language .Arabic in countries with more than 50% Arabic-speakers is considered a majority language, otherwise it is a minority language. ]] Wikipedia

  • Member states of the Arab League

    The Arab League has 22 member states. Founded in Cairo in March 1945 with six members: the Kingdom of Egypt, Kingdom of Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Republic, and Transjordan . Wikipedia


    Sentences forArab world

    • Since most of the Arab world was undergoing a nationalist awakening at the time, there was little attraction to Pakistan's Pan-Islamic aspirations.Pakistan-Wikipedia
    • Sadat's initiative sparked enormous controversy in the Arab world and led to Egypt's expulsion from the Arab League, but it was supported by most Egyptians.Egypt-Wikipedia
    • Egypt has the largest Muslim population in the Arab world, and the sixth world's largest Muslim population, and home for (5%) of the world's Muslim population.Egypt-Wikipedia
    • Colloquial Arabic is a collective term for the spoken dialects of Arabic used throughout the Arab world, which differ radically from the literary language.Arabic-Wikipedia
    • Approximately 75% of Israeli Jews are born in Israel, 16% are immigrants from Europe and the Americas, and 7% are immigrants from Asia and Africa (including the Arab world).Israel-Wikipedia
    • Pakistan has deployed its military in some Arab countries, providing defence, training, and playing advisory roles.Pakistan-Wikipedia

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