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One of architectural schools developed in medieval ages on the territory of modern Azerbaijan. Wikipedia

  • The period of Azerbaijani history that lasted from around the 11th century to the 15th century AD. The High Middle Ages were preceded by the Early Middle Ages and were followed by the Late Middle Ages, which ended around the 15thcentury AD. Key historical trends of the High Middle Ages include the incorporation of territories Azerbaijan into the Seljuk Empire, the establishment of the Atabegs of Azerbaijan, the Mongol invasions and the rule of the Hulagu state in Azerbaijan, the invasions of Timur and the establishment of the Kara Koyunlu and Aq Qoyunlu states. In the 11th century, the Seljuk dynasty of Turkish-Oghuz origin, which emerged in Central Asia, crossed the Araz River while marching to Gilan and then reached Arran. Wikipedia

  • One of monumental constructions of the Atabegs’ Architectural Complex in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. Documented in images and photos from the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • Nakhchivan (city)

    Capital of the eponymous Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan, located 450 km west of Baku. The municipality of Nakhchivan consists of the city of Nakhchivan, the settlement of Əliabad and the villages of Başbaşı, Bulqan, Haciniyyət, Qaraçuq (Garachug), Qaraxanbəyli (Garakhanbeyli), Tumbul, Qarağalıq, and Daşduz. Wikipedia

  • Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

    Landlocked exclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The region covers 5502.75 km2 with a population of 414,900, bordering Armenia (border 221 km) to the east and north, Iran (border 179 km) to the south and west, and Turkey (border 8 km) to the northwest. Wikipedia

  • Articles (arranged alphabetically) related to the Azerbaijan Republic include: 26 Baku Commissars - Wikipedia

  • Momine Khatun Mausoleum

    12th century mausoleum located in the city of Nakchivan in Azerbaijan. Nominated for List of World Heritage Sites, UNESCO in 1998 by Gulnara Mehmandarova — president of Azerbaijan Committee of ICOMOS—International Council on Monuments and Sites. Wikipedia


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