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Region of extensive forests, rough terrain, rolling hills and ridges. Wikipedia

  • Ardennes (department)

    Department in the Grand Est region of northeastern France named after the broader Ardennes. Town Charleville-Mézières. Wikipedia

  • Lorraine

    Cultural and historical region in north-eastern France, now located in the administrative region of Grand Est. Named for either Emperor Lothair I or King Lothair II. Wikipedia

  • SaarLorLux

    Euroregion of five regional authorities located in four European states. The term has also been applied to cooperations of several of these authorities or of their subdivisions, administrations, organisations, clubs and people. Wikipedia

  • Part of the German Eifel region (Rhineland-Palatinate), in the Bitburg-Prüm district next to the Luxembourg and Belgian border. In Luxembourg the area extends further known as Éislèck or Ösling-Gau, in Belgium locals call it Aquilaine (then reaching up to Aachen) or even Schneifel. Wikipedia

  • Campine

    Natural region situated chiefly in north-eastern Belgium and parts of the south-eastern Netherlands which once consisted mainly of extensive moors, tracts of sandy heath, and wetlands. It encompasses a large northern and eastern portion of Antwerp province and adjacent parts of Limburg in Belgium, as well as portions of the Dutch province of North Brabant (area southwest of Eindhoven) and Dutch Limburg around Weert. Wikipedia

  • Wallonia

    One of the three regions of Belgium—alongside the Flemish Region and the Brussels-Capital Region. Primarily French-speaking, and accounts for 55% of Belgium's territory, but only a third of its population. Wikipedia


    Sentences forArdennes

    • The Germans carried out a flanking manoeuvre through the Ardennes region, which was mistakenly perceived by Allies as an impenetrable natural barrier against armoured vehicles.World War II-Wikipedia
    • Belgium has three main geographical regions; the coastal plain in the northwest and the central plateau both belong to the Anglo-Belgian Basin, and the Ardennes uplands in the southeast to the Hercynian orogenic belt.Belgium-Wikipedia
    • The main section of the Maginot Line ran from the Swiss border and ended at Longwy; the hills and woods of the Ardennes region were thought to cover the area to the north.Battle of France-Wikipedia
    • In between the zone of Alpine orogeny and North Sea Basin subsidence, highlands resulting from an earlier orogeny (Variscan) remained, such as the Ardennes, Eifel and Vosges.Rhine-Wikipedia
    • This presented a major obstacle to Germany's army in 1914, whose Schlieffen Plan relied on being able to quickly pass through the Meuse valley and the Ardennes en route to France.Liège-Wikipedia
    • Traveling through the hilly Ardennes, it is one of the longest and most arduous races of the season.Liège-Wikipedia

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