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Christological doctrine first attributed to Arius (c. Wikipedia

  • Arius

    Cyrenaic presbyter and ascetic, and priest in Baucalis in Alexandria, Egypt. Convened by Emperor Constantine the Great in 325. Wikipedia

  • First Council of Nicaea

    Council of Christian bishops convened in the Bithynian city of Nicaea by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325. The first effort to attain consensus in the church through an assembly representing all Christendom. Wikipedia

  • Athanasius of Alexandria

    Athanasius of Alexandria (c. The 20th bishop of Alexandria . Wikipedia

  • Arian controversy

    Series of Christian theological disputes that arose between Arius and Athanasius of Alexandria, two Christian theologians from Alexandria, Egypt. The most important of these controversies concerned the substantial relationship between God the Father and God the Son. Wikipedia

  • Nontrinitarianism

    Form of Christianity that rejects the mainstream Christian doctrine of the Trinity—the teaching that God is three distinct hypostases or persons who are coeternal, coequal, and indivisibly united in one being, or essence . Certain religious groups that emerged during the Protestant Reformation have historically been known as antitrinitarian. Wikipedia

  • Incarnation (Christianity)

    "First coming" redirects here. For the first coming of the messiah in Judaism, see Messiah in Judaism. Wikipedia


    Sentences forArianism

    • During the middle of the 4th century, Ancyra was involved in the complex theological disputes over the nature of Christ, and a form of Arianism seems to have originated there.Ankara-Wikipedia
    • Most of the Germanic tribes who in the following centuries invaded the Roman Empire had adopted Christianity in its Arian form, which the Catholic Church declared heretical.Catholic Church-Wikipedia
    • Latin hymns such as "Veni redemptor gentium", written by Ambrose, Archbishop of Milan, were austere statements of the theological doctrine of the Incarnation in opposition to Arianism.Christmas-Wikipedia
    • Some have suggested that John presents a hierarchy when he quotes Jesus as saying, "The Father is greater than I", a statement which was appealed to by nontrinitarian groups such as Arianism.Trinity-Wikipedia
    • In 325, the First Council of Nicaea condemned Arianism, declaring trinitarianism dogmatic, and in its sixth canon recognized the special role of the Sees of Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch.Pope-Wikipedia
    • He would be forced to adopt Arianism in 465 due to the Visigoth influence.Portugal-Wikipedia

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