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American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, the North American division of the Japanese conglomerate Sony. Wikipedia

  • Columbia Records

    American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, the North American division of Japanese conglomerate Sony. Founded on January 15, 1889, evolving from the American Graphophone Company, the successor to the Volta Graphophone Company. Wikipedia

  • Epic Records

    American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, the North American division of Japanese conglomerate Sony. Founded predominantly as a jazz and classical music label in 1953, but later expanded its scope to include a more diverse range of genres, including pop, R&B, rock, and hip hop. Wikipedia

  • RCA Records

    American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. One of Sony Music's four flagship labels, alongside RCA's former long-time rival Columbia Records; also Arista Records, and Epic Records. Wikipedia

  • Sony Music

    American global music company, which is part of the Sony Music Group owned by conglomerate Sony Corporation of America, incorporated as a general partnership of Sony Music Holdings Inc. through Sony Entertainment, all of which are ultimately owned by the Japanese conglomerate Sony. Originally founded in 1929 as American Record Corporation and renamed as Columbia Recording Corporation in 1938, following its acquisition by the Columbia Broadcasting System. Wikipedia

  • Sony BMG

    American record company owned as a 50–50 joint venture between Sony Corporation of America and Bertelsmann Music Group. Wholly owned by Sony, following their buyout of the remaining 50% held by Bertelsmann. Wikipedia

  • List of assets owned by Sony

    List of assets owned by Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony Corporation. Sony Pictures Entertainment Wikipedia

  • Jive Records

    American independent record label formed in 1981 and was owned by Sony Music Entertainment since 2003. Best known for its string of successes with hip hop artists in the 1980s and 1990s, and also in teen pop and boy bands during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Wikipedia

  • American record label group, owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Restructured in 2009 to form a larger umbrella for Columbia Records and Epic Records to continue to operate. Wikipedia

  • Legacy Recordings

    American record label that is a division of Sony Music. Formed in 1990 after Sony's acquisition of CBS Records, Legacy originally handled the archives of Sony Music-owned labels Columbia Records and Epic Records. Wikipedia

  • List of record labels owned by, or associated with Sony Music. Legacy handles the archives of Sony Music–owned labels, including: Wikipedia

  • Arista Nashville

    American record label that serves as a wholly owned division of Sony Music, operated under the Sony Music Nashville division. Founded in 1989, the label specializes in country music artists, including Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood, Jared Johnson, Beau Davidson, Paula MacNeill. Wikipedia

  • J Records

    American record label owned and operated by Sony Music Entertainment, and was distributed through the RCA Music Group. Founded in 2000 by Clive Davis and was dissolved into RCA Records in 2011. Wikipedia

  • Music group and division owned by and operated under Sony Music Entertainment. Renamed to Jive Label Group in 2009 and was placed under the RCA/Jive Label Group umbrella. Wikipedia

  • List of record labels owned by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Aware Records Wikipedia

  • Sony Music Latin

    Record label owned by Sony Music. The label focuses on artists of Latin music. Wikipedia

  • Sony Wonder

    Kids and family entertainment label of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the former record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Not directly related to the former Sony Wonder Technology Lab, an interactive technology and entertainment museum, although the museum was also owned by Sony. Wikipedia

  • Burgundy Records

    American record label and subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. In January 2006 the Sony BMG Strategic Marketing Group (SMG) announced the launch of its new record label, Burgundy Records. Wikipedia

  • RCA/Jive Label Group

    Short-lived American record label group, owned by Sony Music Entertainment and representing the merger of the RCA Music Group and Jive Label Group. Formed in 2007 under the name BMG Label Group, was rebranded as RCA/Jive Label Group in 2009. Wikipedia

  • Daylight Records

    American record label and subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, operated through Epic Records. Formed by David Massey in late 1998 as an Epic Records Group label, and has subsequently signed and helped to develop a broad array of artists, in the process achieving global sales in excess of 30 million records. Wikipedia

  • Sony Entertainment

    American entertainment company established in 2012. It focuses on most of Sony's motion picture, television and music businesses. Wikipedia

  • Epic Records Japan

    Japanese record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Shigeo Maruyama. Wikipedia

  • American record label, and subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. Playbill, the internationally recognized and authoritative publication for theatre, music and the performing arts expanded the reach of its famous yellow and black trademark logo with this newly minted record label in the summer of 2006. Wikipedia

  • Sony Music Publishing

    American music publisher part of the Sony Music Group owned by Sony Entertainment. Formed as Sony/ATV in 1995 with the merger of Sony Music Publishing and ATV Music, which was owned by entertainer Michael Jackson. Wikipedia

  • Record label currently under the RCA Label Group, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Originally conceived under BMG UK & Ireland. Wikipedia

  • Sony Corporation of America

    Subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation. It serves as the company's US headquarters, and manages the company's US-based businesses. Wikipedia

  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

    Home video distribution division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation. Responsible for the distribution of the Sony Pictures library for home entertainment, mainly releases from the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group as well as releases from Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (Triumph Films, Destination Films, Stage 6 Films and Affirm Films). Wikipedia

  • PlayStation Vue

    American streaming television service that was owned by the Sony Interactive Entertainment subdivision of the Sony Corporation of America division of Sony. Structured in the style of a multichannel video programming distributor – combined live TV , on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR to stream television programs, movies, and sporting events directly to a PlayStation console or other supported device – including smart TVs, digital media players and apps – without a subscription to a cable or satellite television provider. Wikipedia

  • Sony Classical Records

    American record label founded in 1924 as Columbia Masterworks Records, a subsidiary of Columbia Records. In 1948, it issued the first commercially successful long-playing 12" record. Over the next decades its artists included Isaac Stern, Pablo Casals, Glenn Gould, Eugene Ormandy, Danny Elfman, Vangelis, Elliot Goldenthal, Leonard Bernstein, John Williams and Ricky Martin. Columbia Records used the Masterworks brand name not only for classical and Broadway records, but also for spoken-word albums such as Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly's successful I Can Hear It Now series. Parent CBS also featured the Masterworks name on its consumer electronics equipment. Wikipedia

  • Sony Music Entertainment Japan

    Sony's music arm in Japan. Directly owned by Sony Corporation and is operating independently from the United States-based Sony Music Entertainment due to its strength in the Japanese music industry. Wikipedia

  • LaFace Records

    American record label based in Atlanta, Georgia that operated as a unit of Sony Music Entertainment from 2008 to 2011 and was historically a part of Bertelsmann Music Group from 1989 to 2004. Most active and achieved its greatest commercial success during the 1990s; dealing largely in the field of urban music. Wikipedia


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