Military units similar to or like Army of the Cumberland

One of the principal Union armies in the Western Theater during the American Civil War. Wikipedia

  • George Henry Thomas

    United States Army officer and a Union general during the American Civil War, one of the principal commanders in the Western Theater. Thomas served in the Mexican–American War and later chose to remain with the U.S. Army for the Civil War as a Southern Unionist, despite his heritage as a Virginian (whose home state would join the Confederate States of America). Wikipedia

  • Army of the Tennessee

    Union army in the Western Theater of the American Civil War, named for the Tennessee River. First used within the Union Army in March 1862, to describe Union forces perhaps more properly described as the "Army of West Tennessee"; these were the troops under the command of Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in the Union's District of West Tennessee. Wikipedia

  • XIV Corps (Union Army)

    Corps of the Union Army during the American Civil War. One of the earliest corps formations in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. Wikipedia

  • Cavalry Corps (Union Army)

    Two corps of the Union Army were called Cavalry Corps during the American Civil War. One served with the Army of the Potomac; the other served in the various armies of the western theater of the war. Wikipedia

  • 1st Ohio Infantry Regiment

    Infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It served in the Western Theater in a number of campaigns and battles. Wikipedia

  • Army of Tennessee

    The principal Confederate army operating between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River during the American Civil War. Formed in late 1862 and fought until the end of the war in 1865, participating in most of the significant battles in the Western Theater. Wikipedia


    Sentences forArmy of the Cumberland

    • On December 31, 1862, the Battle of Stones River, also called the Battle of Murfreesboro, was fought near the city between the Union Army of the Cumberland and the Confederate Army of Tennessee.Murfreesboro, Tennessee-Wikipedia
    • Generals' chiefs of staff were usually more junior officers, but Garfield's influence with Rosecrans was greater than usual, with duties extending beyond communication of orders to actual management of his Army of the Cumberland.James A. Garfield-Wikipedia
    • Lincoln promoted Grant to major general and assigned him command of the newly formed Division of the Mississippi on October 16, 1863, including command of the Armies of the Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland.Ulysses S. Grant-Wikipedia
    • When the Union Army of the Cumberland, commanded by Major General William Rosecrans, attacked on December 31, 1862, beginning the Battle of Stones River, Bragg's main force initially repelled the attack.John C. Breckinridge-Wikipedia
    • Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans' Army of the Cumberland fielded approximately 43,000 men and included three infantry army corps named Right Wing, Center and Left Wing.Battle of Stones River-Wikipedia
    • Also in October, Don Carlos Buell lost command of the Army of the Ohio; his place went to Rosecrans, whose commands were christened the Department and the Army of the Cumberland.Army of the Tennessee-Wikipedia

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