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Dialect cluster in the Arandic language group spoken in parts of the Northern Territory, Australia, by the Arrernte people. Wikipedia

  • Family of Australian Aboriginal languages consisting of several languages or dialect clusters, including the Arrernte group, Lower Arrernte (also known as Lower Southern Arrernte), Pertame language (also known as Southern Arrernte) and Kaytetye. There are differing opinions as to which are dialects and which separate languages, among linguists and among the Arrernte people themselves. Wikipedia

  • Arandic language . Spoken in the Finke River area, near the Overland Telegraph Line station at Charlotte Waters, just north of the border between South Australia and the Northern Territory, and in the Dalhousie area in S.A. It had been extinct since the last speaker died in 2011, but there is now a language revival project under way. Wikipedia

  • Arandic language from the country south of Alice Springs, along the Finke River, north and north-west of the location inhabited by speakers of Lower Arrernte. Ethnologue classes Pertame as a variant name for Lower Southern, but other sources vary in their classifications and descriptions of this language. Wikipedia

  • Kaytetye people

    Aboriginal Australian people who live around Barrow Creek and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. Their neighbours to the east are the Alyawarre, to the south the Anmatyerre, to the west the Warlpiri, and to the north the Warumungu. Wikipedia

  • Kaytetye language

    Australian Aboriginal language spoken in the Northern Territory north of Alice Springs by the Kaytetye people, who live around Barrow Creek and Tennant Creek. Related to Alyawarra, which is one of the Upper Arrernte dialects. Wikipedia

  • Warlpiri people

    The Warlpiri, sometimes referred to as Yapa, are a group of Aboriginal Australians defined by their Warlpiri language, although not all still speak it. There are 5,000–6,000 Warlpiri, living mostly in a few towns and settlements scattered through their traditional land in the Northern Territory, north and west of Alice Springs. Wikipedia


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