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Reservoir/pond within the towns of Lakeville and Middleboro, in southeastern Massachusetts. Wikipedia


    Sentences forAssawompset Pond

    • Not long after, Sassamon's body was found in the ice-covered Assawompset Pond, and Plymouth Colony officials arrested three Wampanoags on the testimony of an Native witness, including one of Metacomet's counselors.King Philip's War-Wikipedia
    • Along Middleborough's border with Lakeville lie the Assawompset, Pocksha and Great Quittacas ponds.Middleborough, Massachusetts-Wikipedia
    • Little Quittacas is one of the five great ponds of Southeastern Massachusetts that includes Long Pond, Assawompset Pond.Little Quittacas Pond-Wikipedia
    • Western Middleborough broke away on May 13, 1853 and formed the town of Lakeville, taking with it the main access to the large freshwater lakes there, including Assawompset Pond.Middleborough, Massachusetts-Wikipedia
    • On January 29, 1675, his body was discovered in Assawompset Pond.John Sassamon-Wikipedia
    • Route 18 joins Route 105 for a 2.7 mi concurrency, running along the western shore of Assawompset Pond.Massachusetts Route 105-Wikipedia

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