Broadcasting networks similar to or like BBC World Service

International broadcaster owned and operated by the BBC. Wikipedia

  • State-owned international radio broadcaster of China. Currently headquartered in Babaoshan area of Beijing's Shijingshan District. Wikipedia

  • BBC Persian

    Persian language radio station and TV operated by the BBC which conveys the latest political, social, economical and sport news relevant to Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and the world. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. Wikipedia

  • BBC Home Service

    British national radio station that broadcast from 1939 until 1967, when it was renamed BBC Radio 4. Between the 1920s and the outbreak of World War II, the BBC developed two nationwide radio services, the BBC National Programme and the BBC Regional Programme. Wikipedia

  • BBC Light Programme

    BBC radio station which broadcast chiefly mainstream light entertainment and music from 1945 until 1967, when it was replaced by BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 1. It opened on 29 July 1945, taking over the longwave frequency which had earlier been used – prior to the outbreak of World War II on 1 September 1939 – by the BBC National Programme. Wikipedia

  • Radio Australia

    International broadcasting and online service operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation , Australia's public broadcaster. In English, with some in Tok Pisin. Wikipedia

  • Lebanese satellite television station owned and operated by the Iranian-backed political party Hezbollah, broadcasting from Beirut, Lebanon. Launched on 4 June 1991 and it is a member of the Arab States Broadcasting Union. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBBC World Service

    • According to a January 2007 BBC World Service poll of more than 26,000 people in 25 countries, 73% of the global population disapproved of U.S. handling of the Iraq War.Iraq War-Wikipedia
    • For a worldwide audience, the BBC World Service provides news, current affairs and information in 28 languages, including English, around the world and is available in over 150 capital cities.BBC-Wikipedia
    • Broadcasting House is now also home to most of the BBC's national radio stations, and the BBC World Service.BBC-Wikipedia
    • Furthermore, he wrote, the inquiry only looked at the BBC's domestic coverage, and excluded output on the BBC World Service and BBC World.BBC News-Wikipedia
    • The radio broadcast is carried worldwide by the BBC World Service and is also syndicated to hundreds of radio stations in the US.University of Cambridge-Wikipedia
    • FM relays of BBC World Service (in Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Makeni), Radio France Internationale (Freetown only) and Voice of America (Freetown only) are also broadcast.Sierra Leone-Wikipedia

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