Newspapers similar to or like Baltimore City Paper

Free alternative weekly newspaper published in Baltimore, Maryland, founded in 1977 by Russ Smith and Alan Hirsch. Wikipedia

  • Cleveland Free Times

    Alternative weekly newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. Published on September 30, 1992. Wikipedia

  • Chicago Reader

    American alternative weekly newspaper in Chicago, Illinois, noted for its literary style of journalism and coverage of the arts, particularly film and theater. Founded by a group of friends from Carleton College. Wikipedia

  • Washington City Paper

    U.S. alternative weekly newspaper serving the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Distributed on Thursdays; its average circulation in 2006 was 85,588. Wikipedia

  • Alternative weekly newspaper published in Honolulu, Hawaii. Founded by Laurie V. Carlson, it began publishing in the summer of 1991, ostensibly to fill gaps in investigative reporting left by the two main dailies, Honolulu Star-Bulletin and The Honolulu Advertiser, which were under a joint operating agreement at the time, but creating new gaps in taste and perspective. Wikipedia

  • New Orleans, Louisiana-based free alternative weekly newspaper that was established in 1981. Gambit features reporting about local politics, news, food and drink, arts, music, film, events, environmental issues and other topics, as well as listings. Wikipedia

  • Salt Lake City Weekly

    Free alternative weekly tabloid-paged newspaper published in Salt Lake City, Utah. It began as Private Eye. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBaltimore City Paper

    • The bookstore won City Papers "Best Independent Bookstore" in 1997 and was known for having an unusual collection of literary offerings, local writers, and small press publications.Avril Haines-Wikipedia
    • The Baltimore City Paper declared the resolution "racist" and suggested adding toll booths for cars entering Baltimore County from Carroll County.Carroll County, Maryland-Wikipedia
    • 4chan has been labeled as the starting point of the Anonymous meme by The Baltimore City Paper, due to the norm of posts signed with the "Anonymous" moniker.4chan-Wikipedia
    • "We [once] set up a show with four bands—bands that were different formations of us", Portner remembered in an interview with Baltimore City Paper.Animal Collective-Wikipedia
    • The Baltimore City Paper named the character one of their top ten reasons not to cancel the show and called him "arguably the show's single greatest achievement".Michael K. Williams-Wikipedia
    • She has appeared in a number of films and television shows, and wrote a column for the Baltimore City Paper titled "Think Mink" until mid-April 2006.Mink Stole-Wikipedia

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