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The Bangladesh Armed Forces (বাংলাদেশ সশস্ত্র বাহিনী) consists of the three uniformed military services of Bangladesh: the Bangladesh Army, the Bangladesh Navy and the Bangladesh Air Force. Wikipedia

  • Bangladesh Army

    Land warfare branch and the largest of the three armed services of Bangladesh Armed Forces. To provide necessary forces and capabilities to deliver the Bangladeshi government's security and defence strategies, and most notably, defending the nation's territorial integrity against external attack. Wikipedia

  • List of serving generals of the Bangladesh Army

    List of the serving generals of the Bangladesh Army. Currently the army has One full General, 5 Lieutenant-Generals and 51 Major-Generals post. Wikipedia

  • Government agencies in Bangladesh

    The Government agencies in Bangladesh are state controlled organizations that act independently to carry out the policies of the Government of Bangladesh. The Government Ministries are relatively small and merely policy-making organizations, allowed to control agencies by policy decisions. Wikipedia

  • Dhaka

    Capital and the largest city of Bangladesh. Ninth-largest and the sixth-most densely populated city in the world, with a population of 8.9 million residents within the city limits, and a population of over 21 million residents in the Greater Dhaka Area. Wikipedia

  • Bangladesh Air Force

    Aerial warfare branch of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, primarily tasked with the air defence of Bangladesh's sovereign territory, and providing air support to the Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Navy. Additionally, the service has a territorial role of providing tactical and strategic air transport and logistics capability for the country. Wikipedia

  • Armed Forces Day (Bangladesh)

    Observed in Bangladesh on 21 November. This signifies the day in 1971, when the members of the Bangladesh army, navy and air force were officially united and launched joint operations along with the people against the Pakistan occupation forces. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBangladesh Armed Forces

    • In military academies, cadets are trained in isolation to make them efficient military leaders to lead the soldiers of the Bangladesh Armed Forces as officers.Cadet-Wikipedia
    • The Armed Forces Division of the government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Armed Forces headquarters are located in Dhaka Cantonment.Dhaka-Wikipedia
    • Zia gave attention to the other Eastern superpower China that later helped Bangladesh hugely to recover from economical setbacks and to enrich the arsenal of her armed forces.President of Bangladesh-Wikipedia
    • The Bangladesh Army (বাংলাদেশ সেনাবাহিনী, Bangladesh Senabahini) is the land warfare branch and the largest of the three armed services of Bangladesh Armed Forces.Bangladesh Army-Wikipedia
    • Osmani was appointed head of the Bengali armed resistance in 1971 by the Provisional Government of Bangladesh, and he is regarded as the founder of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.M. A. G. Osmani-Wikipedia
    • The Bangladesh Armed Forces were established on 4 April 1971.Special forces-Wikipedia

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