Languages similar to or like Bareqi Arabic

Variety of Arabic spoken in Bareq, Saudi Arabia. Wikipedia

  • Gulf Arabic

    Variety of the Arabic language spoken in Eastern Arabia around the coasts of the Persian Gulf in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, as well as parts of eastern Saudi Arabia (Eastern Province), southern Iraq (Basra Governorate and Muthanna Governorate), and by some Iranian Arabs and northern Oman. Gulf Arabic can be defined as a set of closely related and more or less mutually intelligible varieties that form a dialect continuum, with the level of mutual intelligibility between any two varieties largely depending on the distance between them. Wikipedia

  • Hejazi Arabic

    Variety of Arabic spoken in the Hejaz region in Saudi Arabia. Strictly speaking, there are two main groups of dialects spoken in the Hejaz region, one by the urban population, originally spoken mainly in the cities of Jeddah, Mecca and Medina and another by the urbanized rural and bedouin populations. Wikipedia

  • Any of several varieties of Arabic spoken in Turkey. Area comprising the Turkish provinces of Mardin, Siirt, Batman, Diyarbakır, and Muş. Wikipedia

  • Variety of Arabic spoken by the Baharna in Eastern Arabia and Oman. Primarily spoken in Shia villages and some parts of Manama. Wikipedia

  • Variety of Arabic spoken throughout Sudan and in parts of Eritrea. Some of the tribes in Sudan still have similar accents to the ones in Saudi Arabia. Wikipedia

  • Old Hijazi Arabic

    Variety of Old Arabic attested in Hejaz the western part of Saudi Arabia from about the 1st century to the 7th century. Variety thought to underlie the Quranic Consonantal Text and in its later iteration was the prestige spoken and written register of Arabic in the Umayyad Caliphate. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBareqi Arabic

    • Saudis speak one of the accents and dialects of the Peninsular Arabic, including the Hejazi, Najdi, Gulf and Southern Arabic dialects (which includes Bareqi), as a mother tongue.Saudis-Wikipedia

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