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State in present-day Gujarat, ruled by the Gaekwad dynasty of the Maratha Confederacy from its formation in 1721 until its accession to the newly formed Dominion of India in 1949. Wikipedia

  • Gaekwad dynasty

    The Gaekwads of Baroda (also spelled as Gaikwads, Guicowars, Gaekwars) (IAST: Gāyǎkǎvāḍǎ) are Hindu Marathas who trace their origins to Dawadi village near Poona (modern Pune) to a Maratha clan by the name of Matre, which means Mantri meaning Minister. Gaekwad dynasty of the Maratha Empire are originally of Kunbi origin. Wikipedia

  • Babi dynasty

    Babai Muslim dynasty that formed the ruling royal houses of British India's princely states. The Babai community, originally of Pashtun descent, now largely resides in India and some parts of Pakistan. Wikipedia

  • Saurashtra (state)

    State of India from that existed between 1948 and 1956, on Saurashtra alias Kathiawar peninsula, with Rajkot as its capital, Originally named the United State of Kathiawar. Wikipedia

  • Junagadh State

    Princely state in Gujarat ruled by the Muslim Babi dynasty in British India, until its annexation by the Union of India in 1948. The founder of the Babi dynasty of Junagarh in 1654. Wikipedia

  • Agreement signed between the newly independent dominions of India and Pakistan and the princely states of the British Indian Empire prior to their integration in the new dominions. Bilateral between a dominion and a princely state. Wikipedia

  • Pratap Singh Rao Gaekwad

    The last ruling Maharaja of Baroda. He succeeded to the throne upon the death of his grandfather Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1939. Wikipedia


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