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Process by a United States federal government commission to increase United States Department of Defense efficiency by planning the end of the Cold War realignment and closure of military installations. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBase Realignment and Closure

    • While the airbase enjoys wide support from Virginia Beach at large, the Pentagon Base Realignment and Closure commission has proposed closure of Oceana within the next decade.Virginia Beach, Virginia-Wikipedia
    • Formerly a large support base for the U.S. Navy, the BRAC campaign initiated the Naval Air Station's closing, despite a government-funded effort to upgrade its facilities.Maine-Wikipedia
    • Cecil Commerce Center is located on the site of the former Naval Air Station Cecil Field, which closed in 1999 following the 1993 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) decision.Jacksonville, Florida-Wikipedia
    • The base was closed in 1994 through the Base Realignment and Closure process because of its small size and the expense of basing personnel there.Staten Island-Wikipedia
    • In September 1996 the Base Realignment and Closure Commission announced the final closure of Stockton's Naval Reserve Center on Rough and Ready Island.Stockton, California-Wikipedia
    • The base was closed 30 September 1997, after being selected for closure by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission in 1995, and is now a research and business park called Reese Technology Center.Lubbock, Texas-Wikipedia

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