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Syrian academic and former spokesperson of the Syrian National Council. Wikipedia

  • International reactions to the Syrian Civil War

    International reactions to the Syrian Civil War ranged from support for the government to calls for the government to dissolve. The Arab league, United Nations and Western governments in 2011 quickly condemned the Syrian government's response to the protests which later evolved into the Syrian Civil War as overly heavy-handed and violent. Wikipedia

  • Ensuring national security, increasing influence among its Arab neighbours and securing the return of the Golan Heights, have been the primary goals of the Syrian Arab Republic's foreign policy. At many points in its history, Syria has seen virulent tension with its geographically cultural neighbours, such as Turkey, Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. Wikipedia

  • Burhan Ghalioun

    French-Syrian professor of sociology at the Université de Paris III Sorbonne University in Paris, and the first chairman of the Syrian opposition Transitional National Council (SNC). Named chairman on 29 August 2011. Wikipedia

  • Syrian opposition

    Political structure represented by the Syrian National Coalition and associated Syrian anti-government groups with certain territorial control as an alternative Syrian government. The Syrian opposition evolved since the beginning of the Syrian conflict from groups calling for the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria and who have opposed its Ba'athist government. Wikipedia

  • Syrian political opposition council created in November 2011 to oppose the current Syrian government. The council consists of Syrian opposition figures in exile. Wikipedia

  • M. Yaser Tabbara served as the spokesperson and legal advisor for the President of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (SOC), and the Syrian National Council (SNC). Also a founding member of the SNC . Wikipedia


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