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Fought between the two Mughal princes and brothers Bahadur Shah I and Muhammad Azam Shah on 20 June 1707. Wikipedia

  • Bahadur Shah I

    The seventh Mughal emperor of India, ruled from 1707 until his death in 1712. In his youth, he conspired to overthrow his father Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal emperor, and ascend to the throne. Wikipedia

  • Mughal prince and son of emperor Jahandar Shah. He accompanied his father to Lahore during the 1707 Mughal war of succession. Wikipedia

  • Bidar Bakht

    Mughal prince and the eldest son of Muhammad Azam Shah, who briefly became Mughal emperor in 1707. Noted for being a gallant, skilful and successful general and was regarded as the most able Mughal prince of his time. Wikipedia

  • The third son of the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah I. Born to Prince Muazzam and Nur-un-Nisa Begum, the daughter of Sanjar Najm-i-sani. Wikipedia

  • In 1573, Akbar (1573–1605), the emperor of the Mughal Empire captured Gujarat (now a state in western India) by defeating Gujarat Sultanate under Muzaffar Shah III. Muzaffar tried to regain the Sultanate in 1584 but failed. Wikipedia

  • Farrukhsiyar

    Abu'l Muzaffar Muin ud-din Muhammad Shah Farrukh-siyar Alim Akbar Sani Wala Shan Padshah-i-bahr-u-bar , also known as Shahid-i-Mazlum, or Farrukhsiyar Wikipedia


    Sentences forBattle of Jajau

    • Azam prepared to march to Agra and declare himself successor, but was defeated by Mu'azzam at the Battle of Jajau in June 1707.Bahadur Shah I-Wikipedia
    • On 14 June 1707, he was killed at the Battle of Jajau, where he was "struck by a ball from a swivel-piece, which entered at the chin and came out at his back."Rao Dalpat Bundela-Wikipedia
    • After Aurangzeb's death, his eldest son by his chief consort, Muhammad Azam Shah, declared himself successor, but was shortly defeated in one of the largest battles of India, the Battle of Jajau and overthrown by Bahadur Shah.Bahadur Shah I-Wikipedia
    • Bidar Bakht was killed on 8June 1707, during the Battle of Jajau, part of the succession struggle on the death of Emperor Aurangzeb.Bidar Bakht-Wikipedia
    • In 1707 Emperor Aurangzeb died and Bidar's father succeeded him; Bidar and his father were killed at the Battle of Jajau against Bidar's uncle.Bidar Bakht-Wikipedia
    • His grandfather Bahadur Shah I defeated and eliminated his own brother Muhammad Azam Shah on 19 June 1707 at the Battle of Jajau.Muhammad Shah-Wikipedia

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