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The Battle of Rhode Island (also known as the Battle of Quaker Hill and the Battle of Newport) took place on August 29, 1778. Wikipedia

  • Battle of Rhode Island Site

    Partially preserved location of the Battle of Rhode Island, fought August 29, 1778 during the American Revolutionary War. The only major action of the war that took place in Rhode Island. Wikipedia

  • Naval battles of the American Revolutionary War

    The American Revolutionary War saw a series battles involving naval forces of the British Royal Navy and the Continental Navy from 1775, and of the French Navy from 1778 onwards. Event that led directly to the beginning of serious peace negotiations and the eventual end of the war. Wikipedia

  • Mount Hope Bay raids

    The Mount Hope Bay raids were a series of military raids conducted by British troops during the American Revolutionary War against communities on the shores of Mount Hope Bay on May 25 and 31, 1778. Also attacked, although its militia resisted British attacks more successfully. Wikipedia

  • Battle of Monmouth

    Fought near Monmouth Court House (modern-day Freehold Township, New Jersey) on June 28, 1778, during the American Revolutionary War. It pitted the Continental Army, commanded by General George Washington, against the British Army in North America, commanded by General Sir Henry Clinton. Wikipedia

  • Order of battle of the Battle of Long Island

    Significant British victory in the early stages of the American Revolutionary War over American forces under the command of Major General George Washington, and the opening battle in a successful British campaign to gain control of New York City in 1776. Array of Continental Army forces and militia companies from New York and nearby states. Wikipedia

  • Battle of Long Island

    Action of the American Revolutionary War fought on August 27, 1776, at the western edge of Long Island in the present-day Brooklyn, New York. The British defeated the Americans and gained access of the strategically important Port of New York, which they held for the rest of the war. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBattle of Rhode Island

    • Greene fought in the subsequent Battle of Rhode Island, an inconclusive battle that ended with a British retreat from the American position.Nathanael Greene-Wikipedia
    • The resulting Battle of Rhode Island was indecisive; badly damaged by a storm, the French withdrew to avoid putting their ships at risk.American Revolutionary War-Wikipedia
    • The attempt was abandoned by the French when their fleet was scattered in a storm, and Revere's regiment returned to Boston before the British sortied from Newport to force the Battle of Rhode Island.Paul Revere-Wikipedia
    • Portsmouth was the site of the first African-American military unit, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, to fight for the U.S. in the unsuccessful Battle of Rhode Island of August 29, 1778.Rhode Island-Wikipedia
    • The Battalion Companies participated in the Battle of Rhode Island in August 1778 and then returned to New York City in 1779; the bulk of the regiment remained there until the end of the War.Cheshire Regiment-Wikipedia
    • He was wounded during the Battle of Brandywine but still managed to organize an orderly retreat, and he served with distinction in the Battle of Rhode Island.Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette-Wikipedia

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