Settlements similar to or like Belcarra

Village on the shore of Indian Arm, a side inlet of Burrard Inlet, and is part of Metro Vancouver. Wikipedia

  • Anmore

    Village municipality in Metro Vancouver, north of the city of Port Moody and along the shores of the Indian Arm. One of three politically independent villages in the Greater Vancouver area, the others being its neighbour, Belcarra, and Lions Bay. Wikipedia

  • Port Moody

    City in Metro Vancouver, enveloping the east end of Burrard Inlet in British Columbia, Canada. Smallest of the Tri-Cities, bordered by Coquitlam on the east and south, and Burnaby on the west. Wikipedia

  • Indian Arm

    Steep-sided glacial fjord adjacent to the city of Vancouver in southwestern British Columbia. Formed during the last Ice Age, it extends due north from Burrard Inlet, between the communities of Belcarra (to the east) and the District of North Vancouver (to the west), then on into mountainous wilderness. Wikipedia

  • Burrard Inlet

    Relatively shallow-sided coastal fjord in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Formed during the last Ice Age, it separates the City of Vancouver and the rest of the low-lying Burrard Peninsula (to the south) from the slopes of the North Shore Mountains, home to the communities of West Vancouver and the City and District of North Vancouver. Wikipedia

  • North Vancouver (city)

    Waterfront municipality on the north shore of Burrard Inlet, directly across from Vancouver, British Columbia. Smallest of the three North Shore municipalities, and the most urbanized as well. Wikipedia

  • North Vancouver (district municipality)

    District municipality in British Columbia, Canada, and is part of Metro Vancouver. It surrounds the City of North Vancouver on three sides. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBelcarra

    • There are associated cabins, beaches and areas as one heads north: Thwaites, Alder Point, Bergs, Croker Island, Indian River, Bedwell Bay, Belcarra, Anmore, Buntzen Bay, Jug Island, and Whiskey Cove.Indian Arm-Wikipedia
    • About two-thirds of the way east from the mouth of the inlet, the steep-sided Indian Arm branches off to the north between Belcarra and Deep Cove on into the Pacific Ranges.Burrard Inlet-Wikipedia
    • The villages of Belcarra and Anmore, along with the rugged Coast Mountains, lie to the northwest and north respectively.Port Moody-Wikipedia
    • It is one of three politically independent villages (municipalities with populations under 2,500) in the Greater Vancouver area, the others being its neighbour, Belcarra, and Lions Bay.Anmore-Wikipedia
    • Bole named the village of Belcarra, whose Gaelic name means "the fair land upon which the sun shines", after a village in Ireland.William Norman Bole-Wikipedia
    • North of the isthmus separating the peninsula from the mainland are the Villages of Belcarra and Anmore which are not on the peninsula proper, but are only accessible by road via the Burrard Peninsula.Burrard Peninsula-Wikipedia

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