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Nomadic group of Arabian origin, one of the four sub-tribes of the Maqil Arab tribes who emigrated in the 11th century to the Maghreb with the Bani Hilal and Banu Sulaym tribes. Wikipedia

  • Arabian nomadic tribe that emigrated to the Maghreb region of Africa, with the Banu Hillal and Banu Sulaym tribes, in the 11th century. They mainly settled in and around Morocco's Saharan wolds and oases; in Tafilalet, Wad Nun (near Guelmim), Draa and Taourirt. Wikipedia

  • Banu Hilal

    Confederation of tribes of Arabia from the Hejaz and Najd regions of the Arabian Peninsula that emigrated to North Africa in the 11th century. Masters of the vast plateaux of Najd, they enjoyed a somewhat infamous reputation, possibly owing to their relatively late (for the Arabian tribes) conversion to Islam and accounts of their campaigns in the borderlands between Iraq and Syria. Wikipedia

  • Sahrawi people

    The Sahrawi, or Saharawi people (صحراويون ṣaḥrāwīyūn; Berber: Iseḥrawiyen; Moroccan Arabic: صحراوة Ṣeḥrawa; Saharaui), are the people living in the western part of the Sahara desert which includes Western Sahara, southern Morocco, much of Mauritania and the extreme southwest of Algeria. Mix of Berber, Black African and Arab elements. Wikipedia

  • Bedouin

    Ethnic group of nomadic Arabs who have historically inhabited the desert regions in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Upper Mesopotamia, and the Levant. Traditionally contrasted with ḥāḍir, the term for sedentary people. Wikipedia

  • Moroccan Arabian tribe of Jacham, of the Banu Hilal confideracy. Native to Bahrain today, the tribe first settled in Egypt and Tunisia. Wikipedia

  • Lamtuna Berber religious and military leader, who from 1644 to 1674 led an alliance of Sanhadja Berber tribes against the Maqil Arabs of the western Sahara desert . Killed in battle in 1674 and the Char Bouba war was lost by the Berber tribes. Wikipedia


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