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Prolific British film producer. Wikipedia

  • British film actor and film producer during the silent era. For many years Clark worked with the British star Guy Newall, whom he had met during the First World War. Wikipedia

  • British film producer and screenwriter, and brother of British film producer Betty Box. In 1940, he founded the documentary film company Verity Films with Jay Lewis. Wikipedia

  • British film producer. Born on the 22 May 1916 in Leeds. Wikipedia

  • Charles Orme

    British film producer. He worked regularly with Powell & Pressburger, Ralph Thomas, Basil Dearden and John Boorman. Wikipedia

  • British film producer. For more than a decade he oversaw production at British National Films. Wikipedia

  • British film producer, restorer and historian. In 1990, together with Kevin Brownlow and David Gill, Stanbury established Photoplay Productions. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBetty Box

    • The production was initiated by Betty Box, who picked up a copy of the book at Crewe during a long rail journey, and saw its possibility as a film.Dirk Bogarde-Wikipedia
    • Sydney Box (29 April 1907 – 25 May 1983) was a British film producer and screenwriter, and brother of British film producer Betty Box.Sydney Box-Wikipedia
    • Producer Betty Box called St. John "a wonderful old drunk... a wonderful man. But he didn't quite fit into the British filmmaking tradition."Earl St. John-Wikipedia
    • In 1946 Betty Box was placed in charge of the studios when her brother Sydney Box was appointed by Rank to run Gainsborough Pictures.Islington Studios-Wikipedia
    • and Betty Box (1915–1999) and her brother Sydney (1907–1983), both film producers.Beckenham-Wikipedia
    • Thomas often worked with the producer Betty E. Box, who was married to Carry On producer Peter Rogers.Ralph Thomas-Wikipedia

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