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India's first and main producer of steel rails, as well as a major producer of wide steel plates and other steel products. Wikipedia

  • British Steel (1967–1999)

    Major British steel producer. Privatised as a public limited company, British Steel plc, in 1988. Wikipedia

  • Major producer of steel and steel products and the largest scrap supplier in Poland. 3.37 milliard złoty, and net profit was 205.8 million złoty. Wikipedia

  • Iron and steel industry in India

    The iron and steel industries are among the most important industries in India. India replaces Japan as second top steel producer in January,2019. Wikipedia

  • In steel industry terminology long steel products or long products refers to steel products including wire, rod, rail, and bars as well as types of steel structural sections and girders. The term long products may include hot rolled bar, cold rolled or drawn bar, rebar, railway rails, wire, rope (stranded wire), woven cloth of steel wire, shapes (sections) such as U, I, or H sections, and may also include ingots from continuous casting, including blooms and billets. Wikipedia

  • Steel producer in the United States, which made steel merchant and rebar products. Formed in 1983 by AEA Investors, Inc. and managed by CEO James Todd. Wikipedia

  • Pakistan Steel Mills

    Pakistan-based company that produces long-rolled steel and heavy metal products in the country. Currently the largest industrial mega-corporation in Pakistan, having a production capacity of 1.1–5.0 million tonnes of steel and iron foundries. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBhilai Steel Plant

    • Mr Pandey hailed from a typical Indian Middle-class family- father was a service holder in Bhilai Steel Plant and mother as a home maker.Prem Prakash Pandey-Wikipedia
    • At Bhilai Steel Plant the leftists in the AITUC-affiliated union ousted Dange and Homi Daji from the leadership positions in the union.1964 split in the Communist Party of India-Wikipedia
    • Bhilai Steel Plant, inaugurated on 4 February 1959, enhanced the importance of Durg railway station as passenger movement through here boosted a lot.Durg Junction railway station-Wikipedia
    • He started his career in singing at the age of 8 years when he performed for Bhilai Steel Plant for the first time on stage.Amit Sana-Wikipedia
    • Bhilai is home to the Bhilai Steel Plant, the first Indian plant to produce steel rails, which was established with help from the Soviet Union in 1955.Bhilai-Wikipedia
    • The introduction of various schemes, establishment of industries, commissioning of Bhilai Steel Plant and starting of many universities were amongst the great achievements.Ravishankar Shukla-Wikipedia

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