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For other uses, see Blacks (disambiguation), Black Man (novel), or Black Woman (disambiguation). Wikipedia

  • White people

    Racial classification and skin color specifier, generally used for people of European origin; although the definition can vary depending on context, nationality, and point of view. This term has at times been expanded to encompass persons of South Asian, West Asian, and North African descent, persons who are often considered "non-white" in other contexts in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Battle of Marash

    For other conflicts at Marash, see Battle of Marash (disambiguation) Battle that took place in the early winter of 1920 between the French forces occupying the city of Maraş in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish National Forces linked to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Wikipedia

  • Foreign relations of Israel

    Foreign relations of Israel refers to diplomatic and trade relations between Israel and other countries around the world. Israel has diplomatic ties. Wikipedia

  • African Americans

    Ethnic group of Americans with total or partial ancestry from any of the black racial groups of Africa. The term African American generally denotes descendants of enslaved black people who are from the United States, while some recent black immigrants or their children may also come to identify as African-American or may identify differently. Wikipedia

  • Black-brown unity

    Racial-political ideology which initially developed among Black scholars, writers, and activists who pushed for global activist associations between Black people and Brown people , as well as Asian people (referred to as "Yellow") and Indigenous peoples of the Americas (historically referred to as "Red") to unify against white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and, in some cases, European conceptualizations of masculinity, which were recognized as interrelated in maintaining white racial privilege and power over people of color globally. Attempt to forge a united struggle by emphasizing the similar forms of oppression Black and Brown people confront under white supremacy, including shared experiences of subjugation under colonial capitalism, Jim Crow laws, de jure and de facto school and community segregation, voter disenfranchisement, economic oppression, exclusion from white-owned establishments, and the perception by white people that Black and Brown people are biologically and racially predisposed to be inferior, criminal, disorderly, and degenerate. Wikipedia

  • Black Catholicism

    Black Catholicism or African-American Catholicism comprises the African American people, beliefs, and practices in the Catholic Church. There are currently around 3 million black Catholics in the United States, and about a quarter of them worship in, most of which were established during the Jim Crow era as a means of racial segregation. Wikipedia


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