Political parties similar to or like Blue Dog Coalition

Caucus in the United States House of Representatives comprising members from the Democratic Party who identify as fiscally responsible and centrist. Wikipedia

  • New Democrat Coalition

    Congressional caucus within the United States Congress made up of centrist Democrats who support an agenda that it describes as "pro-economic growth," "pro-innovation," and "fiscally responsible." The caucuses show liberal tendencies but are considered conservative financially. Wikipedia

  • Problem Solvers Caucus

    Bipartisan group in the United States House of Representatives that includes 50 members, equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, who seek to foster bipartisan cooperation on key policy issues. Currently co-chaired by Josh Gottheimer and Tom Reed (R-NY). Wikipedia

  • New Democrats, also known as centrist Democrats, Clinton Democrats, or moderate Democrats, are a centrist ideological faction within the Democratic Party in the United States. As the Third Way faction of the party, they support cultural liberalism but take moderate to conservative fiscal stances. Wikipedia

  • Member of the Democratic Party with conservative political views, or with views that are conservative compared to the positions taken by other members of the Democratic Party. Traditionally, conservative Democrats have been elected to office from the Southern states, rural areas, the Rust Belt, and the Midwest. Wikipedia

  • House Democratic Caucus

    Congressional caucus composed of all Democratic Representatives in the United States House of Representatives and is responsible for nominating and electing the Democratic Party leadership in the chamber. In its roles as a party conference, the caucus writes and enforces rules of conduct and discipline for its members, approves committee assignments, and serves as the primary forum for development of party policy and legislative priorities. Wikipedia

  • Congressional LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus

    Announced on June 4, 2008, by openly gay representatives Tammy Baldwin and Barney Frank. The caucus had 165 members (164 Democrats and 1 Republican) in the 116th United States Congress. Wikipedia


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