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Natural harbor and estuary of Massachusetts Bay, and is located adjacent to the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Wikipedia

  • Quincy Bay

    Largest of the three small bays of southern Boston Harbor, part of Massachusetts Bay and forming much of the shoreline of the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. Known as Wollaston Bay. Wikipedia

  • Fore River (Massachusetts)

    Small bay or estuary in eastern Massachusetts and is part of the Massachusetts Bay watershed. Formed by the confluence of the Monatiquot River and Smelt Brook in the Weymouth Landing area of Braintree. Wikipedia

  • Dorchester Bay (Boston Harbor)

    Smallest of the three smaller bays of southern Boston Harbor, part of Massachusetts Bay and forming the south shoreline of the South Boston neighborhood and northeast shoreline of the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, as well as the north shore of the city of Quincy in Massachusetts. Home to Thompson Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Wikipedia

  • Weir River (Massachusetts)

    Short stream and estuary that empties into Hingham Bay, part of Boston Harbor in Massachusetts, United States. Attributed to the location of a fishing weir in the stream. Wikipedia

  • Provincetown Harbor

    Large natural harbor located in the town of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Mostly 30 to 90 ft deep and stretches roughly 1 mi from northwest to southeast and 2 mi from northeast to southwest – one large, deep basin with no dredged channel necessary for boats to enter and exit. Wikipedia

  • Hull, Massachusetts

    Town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States, located on a peninsula at the southern edge of Boston Harbor. 10,293 at the 2010 census. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBoston Harbor

    • In December 1630, the site of what would become Cambridge was chosen because it was safely upriver from Boston Harbor, making it easily defensible from attacks by enemy ships.Cambridge, Massachusetts-Wikipedia
    • In response, the Massachusetts Bay Colony solidified its friendship with Springfield by levying a toll on Connecticut Colony ships entering Boston Harbor.Connecticut River-Wikipedia
    • In 1773, the tea ships moored in Boston Harbor were boarded by colonists and the tea was thrown overboard, an event that became known as the Boston Tea Party.George III-Wikipedia
    • On 1 June 1813, Shannon took Chesapeake in a battle that lasted less than fifteen minutes in Boston Harbor.War of 1812-Wikipedia
    • Through his maternal ancestry, Kerry also descends from Rev. James McGregor who was among the first 500 Scots-Irish immigrants to Boston Harbor in the 18th century.John Kerry-Wikipedia
    • It pumped waste to a remote treatment facility on Moon Island in Boston Harbor, and served as a model for other systems worldwide.Dorchester, Boston-Wikipedia

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