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Town in Bristol County, Rhode Island, as well as the historic county seat. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBristol, Rhode Island

    • The Bristol Rifle Works were no sooner complete than another gunmaker allegedly bribed Floyd to break his $100,000 contract with Burnside.Ambrose Burnside-Wikipedia
    • In one of the final actions of the war, an Indian associated with Benjamin Church killed King Philip in Bristol, Rhode Island.Rhode Island-Wikipedia
    • The oldest Fourth of July parade in the country is still held annually in Bristol, Rhode Island.Rhode Island-Wikipedia
    • On April 8, 1806, Captain John D'Wolf of Bristol, Rhode Island, sailed the Juno to Nahwitti (Newettee), a small inlet in the northwestern promontory of Vancouver's Island.Vancouver Island-Wikipedia
    • During the summer of 1888, Charlotte and Katharine spent time in Bristol, Rhode Island, away from Walter, and it was there where her depression began to lift.Charlotte Perkins Gilman-Wikipedia
    • Quinn spent his last years in Bristol, Rhode Island.Anthony Quinn-Wikipedia

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