Ethnic groups similar to or like British Nigerian

British Nigerians are British people of Nigerian descent or Nigerians of British descent. Wikipedia

  • Nigerian Americans

    Nigerian Americans (Onye Naìjíríyà na Amerika; Yan Najeriyar asalin Amurka; Wikipedia

  • British Pakistanis

    British Pakistanis (, ; also known as Pakistani British people or Pakistani Britons) are citizens or residents of the United Kingdom whose ancestral roots lie in Pakistan. This includes people born in the UK who are of Pakistani descent and Pakistani-born people who have migrated to the UK. Wikipedia

  • Nigerian Canadians are Canadian citizens and residents of Nigerian origin and descent. Nigerians began migrating to Canada during the 1967–1970 Biafra War. Wikipedia

  • British Jamaicans

    British Jamaicans (or Jamaican British people) are British people who were born in Jamaica or who are of Jamaican descent. Well into its sixth generation and consists of around 300,000 individuals, the second-largest Jamaican population, behind the United States, living outside of Jamaica. Wikipedia

  • Nigerian Australians are Australian citizens and residents of Nigerian origin or descent. The Nigerian-born form one of the fastest-growing migrant groups in Australia. Wikipedia

  • Mauritian diaspora in the United Kingdom are British people with Mauritian descent, or who were born in Mauritius. The 2001 UK Census recorded 27,078 Mauritian-born people living in the UK. Wikipedia


    Sentences forBritish Nigerian

    • Adebolajo and Adebowale are British of Nigerian descent, were raised as Christians, and converted to Islam.Murder of Lee Rigby-Wikipedia
    • The two men who carried out the attack, Michael Olumide Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale, 22, are British of Nigerian descent.Murder of Lee Rigby-Wikipedia
    • As of 2013, Nigerian immigrants were among the nine immigrant populations that were above average academically in the UK.Model minority-Wikipedia
    • Members of the Tiv group are found in many areas across the globe, such as the United States and United Kingdom.Tiv people-Wikipedia
    • Mohamed Nasir Nabil Abdul Rashid bin Suleman Obineche (born 3 September 1985) is an English comedian of Nigerian descent.Nabil Abdul Rashid-Wikipedia
    • Michelle Bello (born Michelle Aisha Bello; 30 September 1982) is a British Nigerian film director and film producer.Michelle Bello-Wikipedia

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